The 8 year old girl fell from the 6 floor and killed her family.

The 8 year old girl fell from the 6 floor and killed her family.

Original title: 8 year old girl suspected to imitate "bear haunted" rock climbing from the 6 floor, three days after the death of the rescue

According to the Chengdu Commercial Daily, Lao Du's mobile phone is full of photos of him and his 8 year old daughter. Her daughter's big eyes and ponytail are like a mold carved from him.

"She has the best relationship with me, and her character is bright. Where I go, where I go, she is good at learning, 100 points in Maths English and 99 in Chinese..." The daughter is the baby of old Du.

But a few days ago, an accident stopped everything.

The old Du family lives in Sichuan Chengdu city Dujiangyan Xingyan Lijing District, in July 26th, daughter Xiao ting and 5 year old friend Xiao Qiang in the home play, Xiao Ting fell from the outside of the bathroom window in the 6 floor, fell on the 2 floor platform, then was sent to the local hospital for treatment, three days later, I was not lucky to leave the world...


Two children playing at home, 8 year old girl fell from the 6 floor.

Lao Du has been in the past five days, and is working with a disability in a temporary vegetable market downstairs. In the morning of July 26th, he suddenly felt as if something was going to happen.

He wondered if something had happened to his lover, who suffered from mental illness and had surgery only a few days ago, and was unable to take care of himself.

Lao Du was in a hurry and went straight to home. On the way, he met the 5 year old strong.

"What about my sister?" He asked.

"My sister tripped." Xiao Qiang answered.

"Where is the tripping?"

"From the 6 to the 2 floor."

After listening, Lao Du ran to the door of the unit and shouted Xiao Ting's name. Well, Xiao Ting answered.

"She had climbed from the 2 floor platform to the staircase through other people's home." Lao Du said, "if you listen to your words, your heart will slow down a great deal." Later, Xiaoting was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. After diagnosis, there were multiple organs damaged on the left side of the body and multiple fractures. The day went to the intensive care unit.

Old Du said that the same day Xiao Ting was playing with herself in the market, during which Xiao Ting had asked herself for the key to go home, he did not give it. But soon, Xiao Ting quietly returned home with his friend Xiao Qiang. Later, I learned the news of Xiaoting falling down.

The old Du family was on the 6 floor when his ailing lover was at home. Xiao ting and Xiao Qiang went home and played a game. "Two people did not know what, ran to the toilet, and there was a rope. I went back to see the rope spliced together, from the toilet window to the three or four floor."

According to Xiaoting's mother, Sister Huang, at that time, the two children entered the room, playing in the room on their own, because they were not fit to rest in the next bedroom.

In the meantime, the two children felt hot and suggested going into the bathroom and taking a shower. "Close the door when you go in, and I can't..." When Xiao Ting fell down, Huang was not too clear. Until Xiao Ting gave her a doctor, she knew what had happened.

Probe into cause

Two children mimic the scenes in the animated cartoon

How did all this happen?

"When I asked her at that time, she said they were learning rock climbing, learning bear bear two, and maybe two dolls were going to learn rock climbing, and they fell out of their hands." Lao Du recalled the daughter's statement after the event.

So, did the two children at that time happen to learn the accident of "bear bear two" in animated cartoon? Reporters came to the incident area, and contacted Xiao Qiang's father and his uncle, and asked the Dujiangyan police for details.

According to the strong uncle, after the introduction, after the understanding, the two children to imitate animated bear bear two, after receiving the rope, originally planned to be strong, but the strong age is still small afraid of high, and is not enough, not easy to climb the window, then Xiao Ting first climbed the toilet window, after the accident happened. "How big is the force of a little doll? Up to several floors, and finally fell down."

And Xiaoqiang's father also told reporters that children like to watch cartoons, "see the cartoon happened, the specific circumstances of police stations have records."

Xiao Ting, father old Du, said that her daughter did prefer to see cartoons and bear the "bears", and had seen a similar rock climbing plot, "good danger!" But it didn't come to mind that there would be an accident at the end.

According to Dujiangyan police, after the incident, because Xiaoqiang is not adulthood, the same day accompanied by their parents, they asked Xiaoqiang about the situation. Police said that according to Xiaoqiang at that time, the two people at home to imitate the plot of the animated cartoon "Bear Out and Out", Xiaoting is in the process of accidentally falling.

Aunt Bao, who lived on the two floor, said that when the accident happened, she was cooking dumplings for her granddaughter at home and suddenly heard the voice of master DU on the phone outside the door. After asking, I learned that her daughter Xiaoting fell from the six floor home to the two floor platform of the next unit. "When they played, they should want to climb down the rope from the upstairs, the rope was colorful, I will see later."


After three days of treatment, the girl's performance is excellent.

Xiao Ting is a single daughter. Lao Du is also an old woman. He loves all his daughters. Old Du said, in life, father and daughter almost inseparable, "I work in the market, she follows the market, wherever she goes."

Because of her mother's illness, Ting was also very angry, and her grades were at the forefront of the class. Lao Du pinned all her hopes on her daughter. "This final exam mathematics, English are 100 points, Chinese 99 points, the next semester on the beginning of the three grade, but also think she must have an interest, the result... Old Du said.

Lao Du introduced that after her daughter fell down, although she was seriously injured, she could still speak, and her consciousness was very clear. When I went to the ICU on the 27th, she also said, "How did you come, Dad? I miss you so much."

And for the neighborhood's enquiries, Lao Du also called "the situation is good." In order to be able to treat Xiaoting, many people also donated money for Lao Du. He thought, the daughter must be able to get better.

But the good situation did not last. At 6 p.m. on July 29th, Xiaoting finally died. "Before we put forward the idea of transfer, but the case of the daughter's Hospital said not, the 29 morning, the morning, the doctor said to the daughter to intubation, the body is not.

Xiao Ting's departure, the neighbourhood of Ms. Guo sighed, the doll can be good, cheerful, and very good results, see brother and sister, uncle and aunt will take the initiative to greet her, in the market to see her, is always helping his father's busy. "It's a pity!"

There have been many "imitative tragedies" in China

In fact, there are many accidents and tragedies about imitation of bear's cartoon.

In March 2017, a 5 year old girl in Urumqi, Xinjiang, imitates the plot of bear's birth, finds an umbrella from his home, jumps from a bag and jumps from the 11 floor, and falls to the 4 floor platform and falls into a serious injury.

In February 15, 2016, a 5 year old girl and a 10 year old sister played in the hospital in Xixiang County, Hanzhoung, Shaanxi. Her sister turned a saw, learned to see her head on her sister's face, and the girl's nose and right face was injured.

In July 2, 2014, the 7 year old boy of Xuzhou, when he looked at the "bear", was strong for the two bears to refit a fan. When his family went to bed, he used a tool to remove the electric fan from his home and put it through the power. The whole hand was twisted into the high speed rotating fan.

In June 8, 2014, a boy lying on the ground was crushed by an off-road vehicle on the ground in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. The mother said her three-year-old son, Ray, had a toy gun in his hand and was shooting in imitation of the characters in The Bear. Before the accident, Rui had repeatedly mimicked the action in the middle of the road.

As for animated films with violent plots, relevant departments have already promulgated corresponding measures.

In 2013, "news broadcast" was publicly named to criticize the animated cartoon such as "bear out" and other animated films, such as violent loss, language vulgar and other problems. Individual violence is easily imitated by minors, causing personal injury and ordering its rectification.

The leader of the Shenzhen Huaqiang digital animation company has responded to the rectification movement: the problem of the scale of the animated cartoon is "good and wise", and the party will be in the principle of "avoiding dispute" when making new films.

For the tragedy of Xiaoting, reporters also tried to contact Shenzhen Huaqiang digital animation company, called many times but failed to contact. A staff member said that he would convey the reporter's request for interviews, so that animation related leaders could contact reporters. But as of the issue, the reporter did not receive a call back.


How do we protect the child's safety?

Yang Haiyu, an independent child work consultant who has long focused on children's growth, said:

"In everyday life, parents need to improve their awareness of children's safety, especially in the absence of appropriate guardianship and care for the children in the family. Children who remain at home alone will increase the risk of accidents.

For parents, take your children with you during the holidays as much as possible, and ask for help if there is an emergency. You can find a responsible and trusted adult to help you with temporary care.

In addition, consider whether there are community child care services and children's homes in the neighborhood, and children can be allowed to go to these institutions during the holiday day, and in the environment of adult care.

Yang Haiyu also believes that in the current film and television and online media, children's safety related works and publicity, need to consider the age of review and restrictions.

"Both international and domestic research and practice have confirmed that the occurrence of injury has certain laws and clear risk factors. By adopting scientific strategies, it can reduce its occurrence and reduce the severity of its damage, and should not be regarded as an accidental, unpredictable and unpreventable tragedy." Yang Haiyu said.

"In this case, we also need to pay attention to the influence of the mental state of girls and mothers on the care of children. Such families should have more community care, and the community needs more attention in the daily management and service work, especially the care for the children. " Yang Haiyu said.

Dujiangyan police reminding:

All families must pay attention to the safety of children's summer vacation. Families with children should have family members to accompany them. They should also educate their children about safety and tell them what they can not do.

Even when watching cartoons, parents should tell their children what behaviors can not be imitated. In addition, parents are advised to install protective barriers for home windows and make protective measures.

(the name of Xiao ting and Xiaoqiang in the text)

Source: Chengdu commercial newspaper

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