Trump praised Italy in terms of immigration policy: beauty is like twins.

Trump praised Italy in terms of immigration policy: beauty is like twins.

[global network reporter Zhu Mengying] one is the American president Trump who has repaired "the wall" on the border of the United States and Mexico, and one of Italy's prime minister Kong Te, who refused to join the Mediterranean refugee ship. Yesterday, at the White House meeting, Trump praised the Kong Te administration's highly criticized immigration policy.

According to the German "Times" reported that Trump met with Cont at the White House on the 30th, and praised Italy's immigration policy. Trump said he strongly agreed with the Konte government's immigration policy toward legal and illegal immigrants, and that other European countries should take Italy as an example. "To be honest, in my opinion, you did the right thing," Trump said. "Many other countries in Europe should do the same."

Trump thanked Kong Te for saying that Italy and the United States were almost twins. "There are a lot of things that can bring us together," Konte said. "Both governments support change and are elected by citizens to change the status quo."

Reports say Trump and Kong Te are following the same immigrant route. Trump built a "separation wall" on the US Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants from Latin America and other regions entering the United States. The Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy toward immigrants has triggered massive protests in several cities in the United States.

In order to increase pressure from other EU countries, the new government of Italy has repeatedly banned refugee ships in recent weeks, and has also proposed a ban on the entry of ships in the Mediterranean to the port of Italy to reduce the number of refugees to Italy coast to zero.

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