The rookie Yoga trainer trained two months to break the female student's thigh bone.

The rookie Yoga trainer trained two months to break the female student's thigh bone.

"Rookie" yoga instructor broke the female student's femur bone doctor reminded: after 35 years of age, ligament bone shaping, careful yoga.

Wuhan evening news (reporter Liu Xuan correspondent Xu Ruoyun) practice yoga is not in place, the coach came forward to help the leg, a crisp sound, the female student's thigh bone was crushed. On the 30th, Ms. Ding, who had just undergone surgery, learned that the trainer was a "rookie" who had just practiced yoga for two months. She regretted that she had run the card with a fever in her head.

Ms. Ding, 42, has a fat body and a new gym near his home. She is doing an activity. For half a year, she runs a card for half a year. After dinner the day before yesterday, she went to a yoga class. Because the movement is not in place, the coach stepped forward to help her to push her leg, only to hear a sound, a sharp pain on the right thigh, the whole person could not move. The coach panicked and sent Ding to the Wuhan No.1 Hospital nearby. After examination, her right thigh was fractured. Ms. Ding later learned that the original gym Yoga coach is zero-based "half-way home", only two months of training directly on the job.

There are more and more people practicing yoga now, and more and more injuries are caused by inappropriate practice methods. Yoga is slow, but it is very difficult. If there is no scientific guidance in sports, it will easily cause injury. After 35 years of age, adults have developed mature ligaments and skeletal structures. There are many anti joint movements that exceed the range of normal joints, which exceed the compression and extension of the ligaments and bones.

Source: Wuhan Evening News

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