Trump is willing to set the conditions to see the president of Iraq 2 hours later.

Trump is willing to set the conditions to see the president of Iraq 2 hours later.

Original title: Trump is willing to "do not have conditions" to meet with President of Iran two hours later.

After US President Trump said he was willing to meet "no conditions" with Iran's leaders, Secretary of State Secretary of state Pompeio expressed support for the meeting of the US Iraq leaders, but he also set some conditions for the meeting.

According to the US financial media CNBC30, after Trump showed his attitude to the CNBC TV program two hours after he showed his attitude, President Trump expected the meeting to rush to solve the problem.

"The president (Trump) is ready to sit down and talk to the president (Trump) if it is to make a commitment to the people, to reduce the" evil "and to agree (with the United States) an agreement to prevent nuclear proliferation." Pompeio said.

Trump has been dissatisfied with the Iran agreement signed by the Obama administration, and announced its withdrawal in May 8th from the Iraq nuclear agreement and restarted the exempted sanctions against Iraq by the Iraqi nuclear agreement. Recently, the United States and Iran have been competing with each other for many times.

However, Trump, 30, in a press conference with visiting Prime Minister Conte in Italy, said he was willing to meet with the leaders of Iran in the "without preconditions".

Asked if he would like to meet with Iranian President Rouhani, Trump said: "If they want to meet, then we will meet." He also said that there would be no "preconditions" for the meeting between the two leaders, which could be held "at any time".

Trump also said he did not know whether Iran would like to meet.

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