India resisted U.S. pressure to buy Russian S400 missiles but failed to pay on time.

India resisted U.S. pressure to buy Russian S400 missiles but failed to pay on time.

With Moody's abandonment of the independent foreign policy of the previous congress, the relationship between the United States and India quickly approached, as a military purchase reflecting the close relationship of diplomatic relations. In recent years, many major military purchases have taken place in India, whether it is a C-17 or a successful AH-64E armed helicopter. In addition, the S-400 air defense system is the only large military equipment purchased in India in recent years. India has spent 6 billion dollars to buy 5 battalions of this type of air defense missile. China has bought 4 battalion S-400 air defense systems for $2 billion 500 million. According to foreign media news, the Russian weapon equipped with India has always been the category of Chinese equipment. Similar models, after all, are on the border between China and Russia. Many commentators believe that India's S-400 system is likely to be close to the Russian version of its own use.

According to the Russian news, the Chinese officers and soldiers to Russia will soon usher in the first test of the S-400 air defense system they bought, intercepting a target for a simulated ballistic missile, and the Russian side is full of confidence. In contrast, there are many problems in the purchase progress of the S-400 air defense system in India. India, despite the pressure from the United States, insisted on introducing the S-400 air defense system, not the American "Patriot" PAC-3 or "Saad", but India was unable to provide goods to Russia on time.

Russia is financially difficult, and many large military enterprises are on the brink of bankruptcy, such as the Kal Kal factory, which provides infantry chariot to the Russian army. This is the main supplier of the Russian infantry chariot. If the Russian government is not providing an emergency of about 1 billion 200 million yuan to it, the workers are able to distribute some of their arrears. Now that it is basically cool, the Russian government really does not have enough funds to provide advance payment for India's S-400 air defense system.

However, it is not an exception, as an important means of dividing NATO, Russia has also sold the S-400 air defense system to Turkey in a positive manner. Turkey has no funds, or it is not enough to use its own dominance, and Russia chooses to provide loans to Turkey, in other words, Turkey. Now, the Russian system of S-400 air defense has been purchased almost without money, and it can provide loans to the S-400 air defense system purchased by Turkey in such a difficult situation as its own finance, and it can be seen that Russia attaches great importance to Turkey. (authorship: Hawk Eye defense)

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