The nurse gave the 8 year old child the wrong medicine and yelled at his family.

The nurse gave the 8 year old child the wrong medicine and yelled at his family.

Original title: 8 year old woman with pneumonia

Chinese business newspaper Weinan news (reporter Wei Nan) December 29th, 8 year old girl blossoming (the pseudonym) in the Huayin hospital for the treatment of bronchopneumonia, but was mistaken for a 1 year old boy's drop, fortunately the same dose of only different doses.

Parents worried about the sequelae, the hospital said the wrong drug did not have side effects, but admitted that there were loopholes in the management, the nurses were given the hospital to be criticized, laid off and apologized to the parents.


Accidental discovery of wrong medication, bad nurse attitude

Yesterday morning, in Huayin hospital 1 hospital building outpatient department of Pediatrics transfusion area, duo is infusion. A day before the encounter, a mother is very angry. She said the child had a fever and cough and was admitted to hospital in December 28th and diagnosed as bronchopneumonia.

"From the beginning of 28, we'll give the baby some drops in the hospital." The mother said, on the morning of 29, a nurse gave the child a drop by prescription. "I didn't ask the baby's name. I found out in a dozen minutes later that the baby's infusion bottle was printed with the names of others." She hurried to find a nurse. "The nurse who had given the infusion to the child did not make a mistake before it was confirmed before the ward was confirmed, and it was taken to the clinical child for more than ten minutes before taking the medicine that should be given to my baby."

The mother found that a group of drugs that should have been lost to each other, was mistaken for a drug that was about 1 years old and suffered from an acute bronchitis boy. Although the drug was the same, it should be given a large amount of dose.

"When I found a nurse who made a mistake, she had a bad attitude and said," what do you want to do? Later, she shouted at me for the two time, "you can fight, you can't fight." Mother said that she could not accept her attitude. Fortunately, the child had no adverse reactions.

The Academy:

Problems in management will strengthen the training of nursing staff

The Chinese newspaper reporter in the Huayin hospital interview found that the infusion bottles are printed with the name of the patient, the content of the infusion solution, and the nurse will also ask the name of the patient in the infusion.

But why do you have the problem with the fluid? Every mother said, yesterday morning, the wrong nurse's mother also came to the hospital, said her daughter was due to lovelorn bad mood caused a mistake.

In this regard, the head of the general nursing department of the hospital in Huayin said that the hospital was criticized by the nurse Liu to the hospital and was temporarily laid off and apologized to a parent.

"We really shouldn't have this problem. We have problems in management." The person in charge said, according to the regulations, nurses in the infusion of patients in the infusion to do "three checks and eight questions", including the operation before, during, after the examination, and confirm the patient's name, age and other information, to prevent the misuse of medicine. "Drugs are the same, large doses should be given to the drug, mis-transfused into a small dose of another patient's drug, found immediately corrected." She also said that this will not cause adverse reactions, nor will it leave sequela.

Yesterday afternoon, Huayin hospital replied that, at 9 a.m. on December 29th, Liu Mou, a nurse in the outpatient department of Pediatrics, was given the wrong solution to the patient. Later, it was found and corrected in time. There was no serious medical accident, but it was a fluke. More seriously, Liu, a nurse on duty, could not recognize the seriousness of the mistake and refused to apologize to his family members.

Thereafter, the Department Director and others rushed to deal with the matter in time, but this matter has brought serious psychological harm to patients, but also to the reputation of the hospital caused serious adverse effects. In order to prevent such problems, the study decided by the President Office of the president: Liu Mou gave the whole hospital the criticism, temporarily laid off laid-off treatment, to observe the effect; paediatric nurse director Ni Mou to the Department staff is not strict, the system is not in place, a certain leadership responsibility, give 100 yuan to the economic penalty. The incident also reflected that some departments and personnel of the Institute were not strict with the inspection system and failed to implement it, and hoped that the whole hospital should draw lessons from this incident and put an end to the recurrence of such problems.

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