7 men's early morning peak subway kneeling begging was advised to remove from the bamboo pole attack

7 men's early morning peak subway kneeling begging was advised to remove from the bamboo pole attack

Original title: video, old man in the morning peak subway leaning on a stick kneeling begging passengers: a comparative repugnance

At about 7:40 in the morning of July 30th, a man knelt to the passenger at the city library station in Xi'an metro line two of Xi'an, Shaanxi. The two security personnel on the car were attacked by the men in the hands of the men in the hands of the men.

From the video taken by passengers in the car, the older male beggar, with a bamboo pole in his right hand, kneeled in front of a passenger, and left his left hand to the passengers. "Give me a dollar, I can't count it, give me a dollar."

While the man was begging, two security personnel in the carriage had repeatedly dissuaded the men's misconduct, but the beggars did not stop begging and began to attack the security personnel with the bamboo poles in their hands.

Subway staff told reporters that the man was more than 70 years old, repeatedly begging in the subway, but did not listen to discourage. In the morning, he took the bus from the bell tower station in line two of the Xi'an metro line. The security personnel followed him all the way to the city sports park. When he returned to the city library station, he began to beg and beg.

The police in Xi'an have been involved in the investigation. In the interview, many passengers objected to the behavior of the beggars.

Metro staff said that due to the mobility and concealment of subway beggars, it is difficult to stop begging. According to the regulations on Urban Rail Transit in Xi'an, the forty-fourth article stipulates that begging is prohibited in the subway. Once found, the staff will dissuade and stop them from the subway, and order them to leave the subway; the plot will seriously jeopardize the safety of other people and will be dealt with according to law.

Source: Shaanxi news

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