The old man was asked to shave his head or dye his hair for his identity card? The police station responded.

The old man was asked to shave his head or dye his hair for his identity card? The police station responded.

Original title: the old man was asked to shave his head or dye his hair for his identity card? Police station response

On the 30 day, Mr. Jia, in Rugao, Nantong, gave a telephone call to the column of "the political wind hotline". In July 27th, he took the 89 year old grandfather to the police station in Yuan Qiao Town, Rugao, to make up the identity card, because the old man was already full of white hair, the police officer said that the picture would not be approved, only two ways to solve it. :

1, shaving head;

2. Black the hair.

Because the old man badly needed to renew his ID card, he had to dye his hair black.

The identity card is done, but Mr. Jia has several questions in mind.

1, white hair is also a normal physiological state. Can white haired people handle identity cards?

2, white hair photo review can not be passed, is there any technical means to improve the entry conditions?

3, do not the identity card entry should respect the fact?

In the live broadcast, the program group joined the police officer of the Rugao Yuan bridge town police station, he said, because the standard background board was white, so the white hair of the identity card photos can not be examined by the superior, one is the white hair reflection, two may lead to the head and face contour is not obvious.

Fan said, they also noticed the problem, but the photo audit did not pass through, may lead the clerk to take many times to take pictures, so two solutions were put forward. Fan also admitted that these two programmes are not humanized enough, and they will also actively reflect their superiors. At the same time, officer Fan also mentioned that the information entered in the ID card should be authentic and objective, so it can not be compared to PS, wearing a wig can not.

So the question is, can the white haired person really not be able to take photographs directly to do his ID card?

With this problem, the program group joined the director Yang of the Department of household administration of the Rugao Public Security Bureau. He said that the image of the identity card taken by the people in the province would be compared, because the picture background board was white, the head of the white hair was not very easy to distinguish from the background board, so it would cause the comparison failure. This situation often appears in practical work, but it is not impossible to solve it.

Dialogue Yang section chief:

Many netizens also sent messages during their listening to the program, including good ideas and good suggestions.

@ Small Winter:

If, just if, dyed the hair black to take an ID card, so a few days later hair dyed back and ID card does not match, what happens? If the old man is allergic to hair dye, who will be responsible for it?

Stand alone:

Contrast adjustment is not a p diagram. It is all right.

@ Jiangnan small fat:

The ID card represents the personal real information. Dyeing and taking pictures should be counterfeit.

@ Kay:

Originally, the law stipulates that you can't dye your hair and not dye it red or yellow when you take your ID card. Now is the old age so old age normal white hair, you also let people dyed black hair...

@ rainbow sea:

Matting, a little trouble.

A dreamy dream:

The last time I went to do my ID card, I had to be black.

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