How did it happen? The little girl fell down from the 17 floor and got up and walked home.

How did it happen? The little girl fell down from the 17 floor and got up and walked home.

Original title: how do you do it? After falling down from the 17 floor, the little girl climbed up and walked home.

There was a miracle after a crash in a residential district in Changzhou. This girl was only slightly contused in the liver and no other hinder, even doctors were surprised to call her "little Superman".

In the afternoon of July 11th, the moon (the pseudonym), 2 and a half years old, was still sleeping on the bed. Her grandmother, who was alone at home, saw her asleep. She did not have the heart to wake her. She estimated the minimum of the child to sleep for a while. So he ran downstairs to buy vegetables from the nearby vegetable farm. Not long after grandma went downstairs, the moon woke up, and after climbing up from the bed, no adults were seen in the room, and the gate was locked, so she thought about the balcony to look down the floor.

"It is possible that the window is not closed, so she climbs from the bench to the computer desk and falls down from the window." Mother said that the mother, at that time, fell down directly from the balcony of the 17 floor and fell down the downstairs lawn. It may be because the soil in the rain ground was softer than before, and maybe the moon was bumping into a branch when the moon fell, and she climbed up and cried for her grandmother after landing. I walked into the corridor.

The grandmother returned home to see the child was not at home, but the window was open, and she was so frightened that she turned pale when she learned that the moon had fallen from upstairs. She ran downstairs and saw her neighbors comforting the crying moon. Grandma hurriedly looked at the situation of the month, and called her mom and dad to hurry home. Mom and dad sent her to Changzhou Children's Hospital in February. After examination, except for slight contusion of the liver and rib fracture, there was no serious problem in the month.

In July 30th, the modern express reporter learned from the hospital that at present, the month has been discharged home.

"It's a little Superman. It's unscathed to fall down from the 17 floor. It's really amazing. It's a miracle. The child is lucky." Changzhou Children's Hospital, child surgeons, said that when the moon came to the hospital with a stable life sign, no serious organ damage or fracture, such a situation can be said to be very lucky.

The doctor warned that children, especially preschool children, have no independent judgement on the risk situation. As parents, parents should set up a sound awareness of danger and take care of them, especially when a person in the summer is home. The summer is a period of high incidence of children's accidents. If you want to put children alone at home, we must do the necessary protective measures, especially the parents who live at the high level.

Netizen comment: North. The sea. If: this girl is not a person, the nine days fairy is under the dust of heaven. Flow-like years: the balcony on the 17th floor toppled down at an altitude of 18 meters and hit the ground at a speed of about 19.5m/s, equivalent to 70 km per hour. Soft ground + proper posture, it is possible that nothing is wrong, for example, equivalent to the opening of airbags. Hit! Unitary own glasses: good growth, the future can be blown for a lifetime for the hair I have been growing fat: the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday on the first day of our plot to fall down a child, but not so lucky, the scene is too scary, the two fear is already divorced. Weiglx: the dessert, the Superman can be lucky several times

Source: Modern Express

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