Because of these two things, Merkel's equine polls dropped to the lowest in history.

Because of these two things, Merkel's equine polls dropped to the lowest in history.

Overseas Network, July 31 (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel has experienced a "refugee divide" with her allies, the basic social union, after the polls fell to the lowest level in 12 years. As the other side of the "German and French axis", the government has also fallen to its lowest level since the incident of "the president's bodyguard hit", and the French government will also face two mistrust of the two sides of the national parliament.

According to Reuters, a poll by Em Nead (Emnid) on Sunday (July 29th) showed that the support rate of the German Prime Minister Merkel (Angela Merkel) led by the CDU and the Alliance Base was down to 29%, lower than the 33% during the elections in September last year, the lowest level since 2006. Polls show that the CSU may lose its absolute majority in the October regional elections in Bavaria.

More than a month ago, Merkel's alliance nearly collapsed because of fundamental differences in immigration policy between her and her allies, the Foundation for Social Affairs. Horst Senhofer, the interior minister from the CSU, had been willing to resign in order to ban immigration. The CDU and the CSU failed to reach agreement on the refugee issue, which led to the adjournment of the Bundestag.

In this context, Mr Ma flew to Germany in June, meeting with Merkel and making a statement saying that France, together with Germany, would promote the settlement of the refugee problem as soon as possible. He also consulted the tough Italy, Spain and Austria on refugee issues before the EU summit.

This time, Markelon personally appeared to help Merkel in the EU summit to get a solution, and ultimately in exchange for Zehofer resignation. Ma Kelong's fire rescue, though helping Merkel recover the political situation, did not help Merkel retrieve the polls. Although the CDU and the CSU reached a compromise in early July, the potential tension still existed.

As the other side of the "German law axis", the latest poll of French President Ma Long has also set a new low in the history of governance. According to a survey by the Ifop, the support rate for the polls has dropped from 41% in July 18th to 37% in July 27th, the lowest level since Ma Kelong's ruling. The decline in the poll occurred after Alexandre Benalla's bodyguard scandal broke out in Benara.

It was reported that in May 1st, Ma's bodyguard, beinah, was captured by netizens in a video of a police helmet beating the demonstrators in May 1st, and the video was uploaded to twitter by a net friend. The Elysee Palace had a low profile in May, and Benara was reinstated 15 days after he was suspended. But on July 18, the media exposed the assault scandal, and the Macron government was attacked for sheltering Benara. After the incident Mark Long had to clarify in public, "Benara has never mastered the code to launch nuclear weapons, Benara is not my lover."

French government will face two mistrust motions proposed by the national parliament on Tuesday (31), one from the French rightist Conservative Party (LR), and the other by the left-wing political parties, the French Socialist Party, and some members of the French Communist Party. Out.

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