3 men suspected ambulances slow doctors fracture hospital: did not delay a minute

3 men suspected ambulances slow doctors fracture hospital: did not delay a minute

Original title: the video is too arrogant! 120 slow, three men beat medical staff

Recently, a "Fengyang County People's hospital doctor was hit" video caused concern. In the evening of July 25th, the 110 police station of the Fengyang Public Security Bureau, Chuzhou, Anhui, reported that the county hospital had been beaten by a doctor, and the police and police station of Fucheng police station immediately sent the police to the police.

The video showed a man in a dark colored short sleeved man and two men of light, pointing at a male doctor in a white coat standing by the wall. Three uniformed security guards and several women were in front of the doctor. After that, three men rushed to the doctor and beat their heads with their fist, and the scene was confused.

On July 26, local police issued a notice saying that three families of the wounded, accused of 120 emergency medical personnel arrived too slowly, followed by a dispute, fighting. Two medical staff were beaten, one of them fractured.

After the police arrived at the scene, 3 suspects were controlled on the spot. According to a staff member of the Propaganda Department of the people's Hospital of Fengyang County, the ambulance did not delay time. At 19:46 in Fengyang County, the 120 dispatching center received a telephone. It said a woman was injured after drinking. The 120 ambulance came out two minutes later and reached the injured person in 3 minutes. Then the ambulance took the injured person to the hospital for only 12 minutes. There was no delay in the emergency department for a minute.

At present, the local police are investigating the matter.

Source: Anhui public

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