The US Transportation Safety Administration has been exposed for years to spy on airline passengers.

The US Transportation Safety Administration has been exposed for years to spy on airline passengers.

China new network, July 31, according to the United States Chinese network report, the US Transport Safety Administration (TSA) recently said that over the years, the federal air traffic police have been quietly monitoring a small number of American airline passengers, and reported suspected behavior, even if they do not have known terrorist links.

According to the "quiet sky" program, which had never been published before, the US transport safety administration since 2010 has asked the police to identify passengers who have been marked as "suspicious" for flying history or other factors, and secretly observe their behavior, including whether they are sweating or not during their native flight in the United States. Use the bathroom frequently.

The Boston globe first disclosed the plan on 29 th. When asked about the plan, James Gregory, a spokesman for the transport safety administration, provided the origin and more details of the plan and compared it with other law enforcement activities.

Gregory stressed that the plan is not intended to spy on ordinary Americans. Instead, the aim is to ensure that passengers and crew are protected during air travel.

The TSA refused to provide complete information on how Quiet Sky picked up suspicious passengers and how the program operated. According to the Department, "quiet sky" plans to use travel records and other factors to identify passengers who will need additional checks at the airport, and sometimes report on the activities of these passengers during the flight.

The report points out that the plan gives the balance of privacy to normal American travel in the United States and the balance of law enforcement measures to ensure the safety of air travel.

Gregory said the plan did not select passengers according to race or religion, and should not be seen as surveillance, because the agency would not eavesdrop on passengers' calls or follow airport suspects to leave the airport. However, when observing suspicious passengers, the police use the list provided by the transport safety authority to record passenger behavior.

Gregory refused to disclose whether anyone had been arrested or cracked any criminal conspiracy because of the "quiet sky" plan.

There are American legal people that say that the supervision of the transport safety administration is not only meaningless, but also a great waste of taxpayers' funds and is likely to be unconstitutional. The legal profession also appealed to the transport safety administration to provide passengers with more information about the plan.

Another US air police said some policemen were worried about the "quiet sky" program, saying those who focused on "seemingly suspicious" passengers would distract the police and could not focus on their cockpit protection. The plan also means rearranging the seat and deployment mode of the police, which is also related to their flights.

According to documents obtained by the Boston Globe, all U.S. citizens entering the United States are automatically acquiesced to join the Quiet Sky program.

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