Japan's ten thousand ton drive is only a shell matching missile in the United States.

Japan's ten thousand ton drive is only a shell matching missile in the United States.

On the afternoon of July 30th, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force 27DDG was launched in Yokohama and was officially named "Mayer". The ship is the seventh aegis ship of the maritime self defense force. It is scheduled to serve in 2020.

The launching ceremony was hosted by the Watanabe Takejiro sea, director of the Yokosuka local director of Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force, and the five code of the defense minister Onokazu temple and the sea self chief of the chief of staff Murakawa Toyohai. Onodera Inori personally announced that the ship was named "Mayer", which is also known as the "Mayer" class.

The new ship is used to replace the old flag air defense destroyer, which will have the ability to use the new interceptor SM-3IIA, developed by the United States and Japan, to destroy incoming enemy short range and medium and long range ballistic missiles outside the earth's atmosphere. Next year, second new aegis ships will also enter the launching track. By then, there will be 8 ships capable of dealing with the missile defense system.

Like the former type of ballistic missile destroyer and diamond class missile destroyer, 27DDG is also a Japanese type of ship used as a reference sample of American Burke - class missile destroyers. 27DDG compared with the AI grade, the standard displacement is 500 tons, and the full load will reach 10070 tons.

Compared to Burke III and 055, all equipped with cruise missiles that can strike the sea and land, 27DDG is equipped with advanced SM-3IIA interceptor, indicating that the former is an offensive platform, the latter is a defensive platform, and the Americans are always accurate to the self-defense team.

Japan has website information showing that 27DDG will equip SM-6 with this all-around missile in the future. If it is true, it may be decades later. Even the SM-3IIA interceptor developed by Japan is extremely limited. In other words, 27DDG is a gorgeous shell after leaving the advanced missile. (the author's signature: the bow of the ship is the Great Wall)

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