3 American thieves steal sharks from aquarium and take them in baby carriages.

3 American thieves steal sharks from aquarium and take them in baby carriages.

Overseas network July 31 (Xinhua) for thieves, it seems that all valuable things may become their goals, but it is really bold to play a shark idea. Three thieves recently stole a live shark from an aquarium in Texas and even disguised it as a baby and took it away in a stroller. The whole case was so bizarre that even the local police said they suspected it was a hoax when they received the report.

Comprehensive "New York post" and other media 30 days reported that this strange case occurred at around 3 p.m. local time 28. Three thieves, including two men and one woman, stole a nearly 0.45-meter-long shark from an open tank in the San Antonio Aquarium. One of them grabbed its tail, and the other two wrapped it in a wet blanket.

Police said the thieves then put the baby shark in a baby carriage, left the aquarium and drove off in a chestnut truck. 45 minutes later, the staff of the aquarium noticed that the shark was stolen.

The whole robbery was very bizarre. Even after the local police received the report, the first reaction was quite doubtful. "When we first got the phone, we thought it was a prank," Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salva Jo told KSAT television. "But it turned out that someone really got into the aquarium and stole a shark."

It is reported that the police have seized 3 trucks of the thief and arrested one of them who is connected with the case. However, 2 other thieves and sharks have yet to be found. Once these suspects are arrested, they will face charges of theft and felony in connection with the case. For the fate of the stolen sharks, wildlife experts say that sharks can survive for 2 to 3 hours when they leave the water, so the stolen sharks may still be alive.

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