Uremic girls sell smiles on the streets.

Uremic girls sell smiles on the streets.

Original title: Uremic girl street selling smile cited concern: someone said to donate the kidney to her.

According to the urban heat, yesterday (30), our newspaper published the story of a girl named Jua who sells smiling face stickers near the University Town Railway Station. Her dream is to be able to laugh and live. The publication of the report has aroused the attention of many readers. With the same sick and pity friends and her WeChat to encourage each other, the love of people and enterprises to bring her flowers and condolences, and a cancer at the end of the patient, said to donate her kidney. Zhu Ya was very moved. She wanted to express her thanks to everyone through the hot news.


"If you don't enjoy it, look at your smiling face."

"Thank you all. I'm really thankful." When reporters saw Zhu Ya yesterday, she kept saying. "In the morning, I found hundreds of new friends plus me, and many people called me." Zhu Ya turned to her circle of friends and told reporters.

Read the newspaper's mobile phone number, many people added Julia's WeChat friends to cheer her up. There was a grandfather who did not play with WeChat to call a reporter and told him to share an old traditional Chinese medicine side to Zhu Ya, hoping that Jah could recover soon.

Zhu Ya told reporters that a reader called to see her, someone on WeChat said she wanted to customize her meal for the uremic patients free of charge, and a company called the mountain blood purification technology, with flowers and condolences yesterday morning. The doctors also gave Zhu ya a simple blood vessel examination and gave some suggestions.

An overseas netizen surnamed Liu bought the smiling face of Zhu Ya's handwork after seeing this report on the Internet. He said he was ready to mount the head of the bed. Mr Liu told reporters, "If one day does not feel good, look at the smiling face, and then think about Jua, I think the worry will disappear."

Zhu Ya:

"We can encourage each other and accept red packets."

Among these well intentioned people, Zhu Yun's most sympathetic friend was the sick friend. "They are suffering from illness, they are also spending money on seeing a doctor, and they are also encouraging red packets." Zhu Ya said she refused all the red packets from her sick friend. "We can chat and encourage each other. We all need money to see a doctor.

Among these people, Zhu Ya most memorable is a little friend named Xiaolong. After being friends, the other person says, "do you need to replace the kidneys? I can donate it free of charge. Zhu Ya was muddled at that time. Xiaolong was a terminal cancer patient and estimated that he still had two months to live. He saw Zhu Ya's news on the Internet and wanted to do something meaningful in the last time.

Zhu Ya told reporters that Xiaolong was not optimistic and did not want to be disturbed. Through the chat of two people, the reporter saw the head of Xiaolong, a beautiful girl. Xiaolong said that it was his girlfriend, although very reluctant, but when faced with limited life, he was powerless, hoping to be blessed for others.

Zhu Ya still refused. "In tone, I think he is very negative. I want to encourage him." Jua said, for the time being, encourage him to live happily every day, since there are still two months to live, then cherish it.

Source: urban heat Report

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