Taiwan army also exposed the big scandal: many officers sell scrapped military equipment for kickbacks.

Taiwan army also exposed the big scandal: many officers sell scrapped military equipment for kickbacks.

The Taiwan army has been scandalous again.

The comprehensive media reported on July 30th that the major corruption and dereliction of duty cases in the Taiwan army were exposed. The inspection unit and the ICAC received a report that 7 officers and soldiers, such as the army's yellow surname captain, were suspected of using their duties and stencil, for a long time in the sale of discarded military goods, or in the name of "garbage", to carry out the unlisted computer equipment in the barracks and sell them to the manufacturers.

Subsequently, the Taiwan regional new North Land Inspection Bureau set up a team to sell military items, and went to more than 40 searches from 6 military institutions and related personnel related to the cases, and 22 suspects had been interviewed.

According to the news of the 30 day news, the prosecutor of the new North Land Inspection Bureau commanded the "incorruptible Department of the Ministry of law", and was divided into 6 sea and land air force and missile bases, such as army armored 542nd brigade, Army armoured 542nd brigade, Army armoured personnel training command and naval logistics support command, and the office premises of personnel involved. Residence. Taiwan's "Department of political affairs of the Ministry of defence" and the gendarmerie also handled the case with prosecutors and honest officials.

The prosecutor has interviewed 22 suspects, including Huang and other soldiers, and summoned 8 people to testify. Among the 22 persons interviewed, one captain, two sergeants, two sergeants, one sergeant and one corporal comprised seven soldiers, the highest ranking being a captain.

The new North Land Inspection Agency said that the preliminary investigation found that the voluntary servicemen of Huang, suspected of using their duties, would be able to sell more and less military products when they were sold, or to carry the waste products out of the barracks in the name of garbage, collude with the reclaimed recycling industry, and arbitrarily put the computer host, screen, and play in the barracks. Printing machines and other computer equipment to the manufacturer to take their own way out of the sale, and then distribute the illegal benefits to all traders each time about hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition, there are officers and soldiers who know that the contracting parties should weigh the balance in accordance with the waste, settle the total price according to the actual weight or quantity, and receive the signing of the contract industry to deliver a bribe of 20 thousand to 150 thousand yuan (NTD). With false data, the number of pounds per month is reduced by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Prosecutors believe that the industry and officers and soldiers suspected of corruption ordinances in violation of duty bribery, bribery and other suspected crimes, will continue to expand the investigation.

It is reported that the suspected time point of the case is before 2017, the exact time of the crime and illegal enrichment still need to be further investigated and clarified. At present, the suspects have been brought back to the "incorruptible Department of the Ministry of law" for the first time, and later to be transferred to the new North Land Inspection Bureau.

On the 30 day, "the Ministry of defense" responded to the case on the same day that the new North Land Inspection Agency and the Ministry of government established the "sale of military supplies project team political wind room", by the prosecutor Chen Jianliang of the ground inspection department to command the "incorruptible Department of the Ministry of law", the new North City constitution of the gendarmerie command, the Taoyuan military corps, to the army. Three support the command and other six units to search, and asked seven officers and soldiers surnamed Captain Huang, to investigate whether there is illegal waste auction operations.

The response pointed out that the Ministry did not hesitate to take a stand and coordinate with the prosecutors to clarify the case. If a person involved in a case has any illegal evidence, he will not tolerate leniency in accordance with the principle of "punishment and punishment in parallel".

In addition, it is also stressed that one of the key work of the Taiwan army is to "worship the law and be pragmatic and prevent corruption and prevention and control". It will continue to strengthen the education of the law and discipline, carry out the management of the personnel and improve the anti fraud mechanism, in order to eliminate the malpractice and remould the military style.

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