The US Army upgraded the M1A1 tank to almost all the V3 standard combat system.

The US Army upgraded the M1A1 tank to almost all the V3 standard combat system.

M1A2 SEPV3 main battle tanks are equipped with a popular active protection system.

Although the U.S. military has not been mounted a new main battle tank, but they have been upgraded M1 series of tanks without stopping. At present, the United States Army has begun to receive a new M1A2 SEPV3 standard of the main battle tanks, and the latest improvement in fact is not very different from the new tank actually, in addition to the car body, almost all new combat systems. The U.S. General Dynamics Land Systems is taking over the big order and is continuing to upgrade new M1 tanks for the U.S. Army.

According to the defense blog news: the United States General Dynamic Corp land system announced recently that the company received a delivery order for the US Army to upgrade more than 100 M1A1 armour battle tanks.

According to the statement, the United States Army of the General Dynamic Corp has signed a delivery order for the general power land system, upgrading more than 100 M1A1 armour main tanks to the most advanced M1A2 system enhanced package version 3 (SEPv3) configuration.

The system enhancements (SEP) upgrades include additional power systems that support future technology, the ability to launch advanced 120 millimeter ammunition, auxiliary power devices, improved armor and radio, network upgrades, and higher reliability and maintainability.

Unlike previous versions, M1A2 SEPv3 has better communications and networks, new vehicle health management systems (VHMS) and line replaceable modules (LRM) for improved maintenance, as well as new ammunition data chain DataLink (ADL), improved anti IED armor package, improved FLIR using long wave and medium wave infrared, new type. The remote control weapon CROWS RWS and the auxiliary power unit (APU) allows the tank to operate electronics normally at rest without starting the engine.

The new version also provides enhanced protection and survivability, as well as higher lethality than its predecessors. At present, the US Army has already equipped some M1A2 with a spoils active protection system and deployed in Europe.

The delivery order is part of the army request contract signed in December 2017. Through the contract, the army can upgrade up to 435 M1A1 abams tanks to M1A2 SEPv3 configuration. The M1A2 SEPv3 configuration has communication, reliability, technical progress in maintenance and fuel efficiency, and upgraded armor.

The delivery of the order will be carried out at the Land Systems plant in Clanton, Pennsylvania, and in Tallahassee, Florida, and the joint system manufacturing center in Lima, Ohio, the only tank production plant in the country.

In addition to upgrading M1A1 tanks, the US Army is also upgrading M1A2, and its standard is also upgraded to M1A2SEPV3 standard. (the author signed: beacon fire monarch)

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