Taipei's 101 equity interest in selling Japanese enterprises and Taiwan authorities: as long as it is not "Chinese capital"

Taipei's 101 equity interest in selling Japanese enterprises and Taiwan authorities: as long as it is not

Original title: Taipei 101 equity transfer day, the Taiwan authorities clamor: do not give "Chinese capital" on the line

Overseas network July 31 Xinhua 30, Taiwan New International Group (hereinafter referred to as the latest) to 665 million US $665 million, will hold the 37.17% shares of the Taipei Financial Center Corp (Taipei 101) to the Japanese enterprise Itou Tada business (hereinafter referred to as Itou Tada). For the transfer of the 101 equity interest in Taipei, the Taiwan authorities have publicly clamored: "as long as it is not" Chinese capital ".

According to media reports, the new said that Itou Tada's 101 stake in Taipei has been successfully completed, and at the same time, the new 440 million US $440 million to buy back the new (Cayman) holding 17.83% of the stock. At present, the focus of Dingxin group has been completely placed on the mainland of China. Some market participants said that the brand Kang Shifu of Dingxin Group occupied the leading position in the instant noodle and tea market in mainland China, and the annual profit growth rate reached 56% last year.

After more than half of the Taipei 101 building was held by the Taiwanese authorities, the attitude towards the holding of shares in the Dingxin Group Exchange has become more open. At the end of 2017, Itou Tada planned to buy the total stock of Taipei 101 building 37.17% at the new group of NT $20 billion (RMB 4 billion 500 million yuan). In order to make the transaction smooth, Itou Tada once asked the administrative department of the Taiwan Strait, hoping to finalize the matter. The answer was "as long as it is not the Chinese capital." Because Itou Tada was a Japanese enterprise, the Taiwan authorities quickly approved the agreement of Itou Tada to buy 101 stake in Taipei in February 2018.

As for Ito Chung's purchase of Taipei 101 shares, some Taiwanese netizens satirized: "Sell to Japan, the social outlook is great, my emperor and people are not fake."

There are netizens angrily scolded: "With the current Taiwanese"enemy"mentality, other Taiwanese businessmen see the end of the new Dingxin, who dare to invest money back to Taiwan to build factories?" (overseas network / Wang Mengtang)

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