Old man drowned 220 thousand yuan family members: physical illness, suicide intention

Old man drowned 220 thousand yuan family members: physical illness, suicide intention

Original title: the elderly with 220 thousand yuan drowned family members: physical illness, suicide intention

In July 24, 2018, the police station of the Lixian Public Security Bureau police station paid 220 thousand yuan in cash to the Hubei Songzi family. Where does a huge amount of cash come from? Why is the police so "big hand"?

It turned out that in the afternoon of the previous day, that was 17 hours in July 23rd, the police station of the Lixian Public Security Bureau received an alarm from the villagers, saying that a body was found in the Songzi River in its jurisdiction. After receiving the alarm, the director, Pippo Chung, and the instructor Wang Zhiguo immediately led the police to catch the scene, and came closer to see it. In the river, a corpse was floating in the river.

The police immediately reported the situation to the County Public Security Bureau and asked for the support of the technical personnel of the Criminal Investigation Brigade and the forensic medicine, and then the police, village cadres and villagers were able to use fishing nets to salvage the bodies.

According to the police, a man's corpse was found and no vital signs were found. After a preliminary examination by forensic medicine, the deceased died of drowning.

"You see, the man is still carrying a bag and bulging." The police carefully opened the bag on the dead man's body and wanted to find something in it that could prove his identity. Opening the bag, there were no identifiable items except some square brick-like objects wrapped in plastic bags. After the police opened the plastic bag, everyone present was shocked.


Who is the deceased? Why did he bring so much cash? Why do you drown at this point?

On the one hand, forensic medicine to further identification of the corpse, another group of police in the surrounding investigation and visit, visits, the surrounding people do not know the dead, police speculate that this person is not a local resident. As the area is in the border area of Hunan and Hubei, and the upstream of the river is Songzi of Hubei, the police infer that the deceased may be floating down the river to this place. In order to find out the identity of the dead as soon as possible, the police of the Criminal Investigation Brigade run all night in Hubei Songzi and other places to investigate and obtain evidence.

As a result, the male deceased in Songzi, Hubei, was 87 years old this year. Combined with forensic identification and a series of police investigations, the police identified the dead as drowning and ruled out his death.

After contact with the family of the dead, in July 24th, the family of the dead came to the funeral home in Lixian to return the body. According to the family members, the deceased had the intention to commit suicide because of the health of the body. The police handed over 220 thousand yuan of cash to the family of the deceased. Family members of the police station in the scorching sun to organize the salvage of the body, and to find out the truth, the old man's savings handed over to the family members of the behavior was extremely moved!

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