Sichuan Miyi notified 5 deaths of boys: playing drowning in the pond

Sichuan Miyi notified 5 deaths of boys: playing drowning in the pond

Original title: Sichuan Miyi notified 5 boy deaths: an accidental drowning in a pond

Sichuan Panzhihua Miyi County, a pond in a pool of 5 boys' remains', the Miyi County Committee Propaganda Department office staff in July 31st told the surging news (, the incident was accidental drowning, excluding the murder, non criminal cases, the police are further investigating.

Miyi County Public Security Bureau official micro-blog @ Miyi Public Security Bureau issued a report on the "7.30" incident in July 31st. At 18:23 in July 30th, a villager in Ma Wo Village, Miyi County Bay Village, found a five pair of shoes on the side of a water pond, suspected of falling water, and immediately alarm. After receiving the police, the county and township quickly organized personnel to search and rescue. As of 20:58 on the same day, search and rescue personnel salvaged five children (all male) in the pond, after medical staff confirmed that no signs of life. The cause of the event is being further investigated.

The office staff of the Propaganda Department of the Miyi County Committee said that the first scene photos showed that the shoes of 5 boys were placed on the side of the pond. In the process of fishing, there were many enthusiastic villagers to help. The reasons for drowning were still under investigation.

The staff of the people's Government Office of the Yi nationality township in Miyi County told the news that the identity of the five children had been confirmed, all of which were the village of Ma Wo in the WAN Qiu township.

On July 31, political and engineering staff of the Miyi Public Security Bureau told Peng Mei News that he had been initially ruled out and that the incident was under further investigation.  

Miyi public security 31 at noon issued about the "7.30" incident, the second case report, verified by multiple investigations, now identified, the Department of five children to join the village four society, a pool playing drowning, after forensic examination, in line with the characteristics of drowning. At present, all relevant departments and towns are working hard to carry out aftermath and related work.

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