The US air force or the purchase of a new F15 fighter can mount 28 SDB bombs.

The US air force or the purchase of a new F15 fighter can mount 28 SDB bombs.

The U. S. defense news website, 31 daily, said The Pentagon officials said the US air force might buy some new F-15 fighters to replace the forthcoming and hard - to - extend F-15C/D fighters. The new fighter code, called F-15X, will use the F-15E series of latest models, but with a single seat design, with a large capacity to carry a large number of empty and air weapons, and can be combined with F-22 and F-35 as an "air weapon library". However, these officials also said that purchasing new aircraft is only one possibility for F-15 fleet to extend their lives.

The reports said that the details of the F-15X news were very small, and the US Air Force Times reported that The Pentagon officials were now refusing to comment on the possibility, saying only "the purchase plan has not been made now."

Boeing launched the F-15 2040 plan to refurbish the existing F-15C and make it available for use in 2040.

The US Air Force had already overhauled the earliest F-15C, and some of the airplanes even changed the structure of the airfoil. The workload was actually the same as a new aircraft. From the point of view, it was not as good as the new aircraft.

But a number of U.S. news agencies reported this week that Boeing had submitted the F-15X plan to the US air force. At the same time, some media claimed that the air force first proposed the purchase of new aircraft to Boeing. In any case, replacing the annual 40 F-15 fighters with a new aircraft could ease the pressure on the F-22 "Raptor" fighter and the slowly delivered F-35.

The F-15C series of fighters used by the United States Air Force have been in service for 40 years, all of which were made during the cold war and have been responsible for the mission of the main US fighter aircraft.

Reported that some U.S. experts pointed out that the use of the latest technology to create new F-15, and continue to upgrade the F-15C has been overwhelming compared to. From a financial point of view or from a technical point of view, it is much more cost-effective.

"There's no doubt, there's no dispute, F-15X's flying price may be about the same as F-35," Dan Gori, an expert in an interview with the US military reform expert, said, "but if the research development costs are counted and the average price of a plane is counted, I bet that F-15X is absolutely far cheaper. More. "

F-35, as a multipurpose aircraft, has long suspected that F-35 can overcome F-15 in air combat, or perform better than A-10 in close proximity to ground support tasks.

If it is a new F-15 fighter, it may consider using the F-15SE's "silent Eagle" configuration.

The US media described 8 air to air missiles and 28 SDB bombs, and it was associated with the imagination of the annihilating -16 bombing of a small diameter bomb that was drawn by domestic netizens in those years...

There are not many things to be convinced about how old F-15X is compared with the old F-15 series.

According to reports from some sources, the F-15X project originated from a consultancy by the United States Air Force to Boeing and Lockheed Company, demanding a rapid service of aircraft, which should quickly integrate into the air force's existing operational system, especially to solve the air force's face. The problem of the shrinking of the combat force.

The requirements for this new aircraft include: high efficiency, low risk, and cannot be easily seen as another option to replace the F-35 procurement project. According to the "war zone" website, F-15X is considered to be able to meet these requirements.

It is said that F-15X is designed to carry out both air and ground operations simultaneously, including: "carrying 8 air to air missiles and 28 small diameter bombs (SDB), or up to 7 2000 pound bombs and 8 air to air missiles".

F-15X has a high price affordability requirement, which costs only US $27000 per flight hour. By comparison, the cost of F-35A's flight hours is $40000.

In addition, F-15X is also required to have 20000 flight hours, that is to say, at least for decades.

Boeing officials did not respond positively to the F-15X project, but Boeing, vice president of global defense sales and space security, said to defense news, "the demand for international markets is still increasing, new opportunities are emerging and we are in the air force with the US air force," Jean Cunningham, the vice president of global defense sales and space security, said to Boeing. About how to upgrade F-15 fighters in the future, or to purchase new fighter planes.

The ideal state of future warfare should be the joint operation of three generations of semi-fighters and four generations of aircraft, which seems to have become the consensus of major powers in the world.

The US Air Force's idea of decommissioning F-15 fighters has been around for a long time. In March 2016, u. S. Air Force officials had expressed their consideration of retiring the 230 F-15C/D active service, replacing the improved F-16 (and later the US Air Force also cancelled the F-16 SLEP upgrade).

In April, Jerry Harris, the United States Air Force deputy chief of staff, said at a congressional hearing that the US Air Force was still discussing the next step of the F-15 fleet.

He said: "when we purchase F-35, can we make 1 to 1 replacement aircraft? If not, then what's the point of rejecting a "second good" equipment? Especially considering that it may be of great value to us. "

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