The "island owner" is known to have invested 90 million to build a "model room".


Original title: no one can be the owner of the island: it is said to have voted 90 million, and only one model room has been built.

Luxury houses, yachts and private planes have all this to be truly rich. But truly located in the tip of luxury Pyramid, it is a private island. Sunshine, beaches, villas, a lot of leisure time, this is our imagination of "island owner" life. There is a "private island" on the southwest side of Sanya. In the past 5 years, it has been said that the "island owner" has invested 90 million yuan. Today, there is only one 20 square meter "model room" really completed here.

There is a small island in the southwest of Sanya called East Gong Island, 3.2 kilometers offshore, and its natural form is about 0.11 square kilometers. It has been nearly five years since Hainan government approved the development of such a small unmanned island, and the investment is said to have reached 90 million yuan.

As one of the first members of the list of uninhabited islands, the reporter found that it is now truly completed, with only a "sample between 20 square meters".

If the "island owner" of the unmanned island is someone else, it may not be so strange, but the public information shows that Dong Gong island is a "private ownership" island. "The island owner" is the founder and chairman of Yintai group, Shen Guojun, and Dong Gong island is also introduced in the Yintai group's official website.

If money is not a problem, why did Tung Lu Island develop so slowly? In late July, the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter lived in the East Luo island for 3 days.

The "model between the islands" on the island

Dongluo Island is located in the Yacheng District of Sanya City, opposite the Cape of Meishan Village Cape, and another unmanned Island - Xigu Island across the sea. It is steep in the southeast and gentle in the northeast. There are 50 meters of beaches in the north of the island, and the rest are steep cliffs. There are many reefs under the banks.

This small island is not known, and the daily economic news (nbdnews) reporter found it in front of Dong Gong island in late July, and many local people in Sanya have never heard of the island. Even in the Mei Lian village opposite the East Gong Island, a reporter asked a teacher who came here to teach, and she also did not know where it was.

The outside world is not well understood. Unlike the islands of Wuzhizhou Island and the West Island, which often appear in the tourist articles, Dong Gong island is still undeveloped, and only occasionally scattered people are on the island.

In late July, the reporter came to Meilian Village on the other side of Dongluo Island. On the beach of the village, the outline of Dongluo Island could be seen.

After the ship on the island, as the waves shook, a lady next to the island said that she had been to Dong Gong many times, the island was particularly primitive, and there was no artificial trace.

But this is not the case. Near the island, the reporter has seen some steel shelves on the East gongs Island, which stand out from the mountains. Reporter to the woman next to the testimony, she said: "That is the trace of development before, was supposed to build a house, but do not know what happened behind."

The ship was on shore, and the pier was neatly stacked up by a large block of rock, and a harbour was built artificially.

"Do you want to see it?" There's a nest. " A former visitor acted as a guide, skillfully driving through the bushes and down a narrow path to the east of the island. Along the way, you can see the long cable lines, the frame of the houses that have not been built, and the contour of the plank covered behind the branches.

"Here it is." The guide in the front led everyone into a house, which looks like a small villa. There is already a big bed in the house, glass sliding door, small swimming pool and so on. The room is only about 20 square meters, but there are many functional areas. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and cloakroom are all available.

The daily economic news (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter from the island found a project map that the development company plans to build nearly 20 such houses. They are naturally separated from each other by trees and do not disturb each other. They have good privacy. However, at present, there is only one "model room" on the island, and the rest of the houses have only built a framework.

Who built these isolated islands?

The long development of 5 years

In January 11, 2012, the Department of oceanographic and Fisheries of Hainan Province issued a public notice on the application of Sanya Dong Gong Island offshore amusement Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dong Gong Island company) for the right to use the island of Dong Gong island. It is planned to invest 360 million yuan in the construction of the East Causeway Island Resort Hotel in Sanya. The application period is 50 years. In December 2013, nearly two years later, the Sanya East Island Resort Hotel project was approved by the Hainan Provincial People's government.

After 3 years after 2013, the data show that Dong Gong island has finally ushered in big capital, Shen Guojun became a major shareholder in October 9, 2016, and held its 68.75% share through Beijing Guojun Investment Co., Ltd., and another natural person Lu Xiaochang directly held the remaining 31.25% shares of Dong Gong Island company.

Shen Guojun, no need to say much, is the founder and chairman of Yintai group.

The official website of Yintai group shows that Dong Luo island is listed in Yintai Wen Brigade Group's project. According to official website, Sanya East Island is the only island in Hainan province that has the island certificate and can be developed.

And the above resort hotel is the planning of Yintai to Dong Gong Island, YASDESIGN Yi Yuan (Shanghai) landscape design limited company official website, Sanya Dong Gong island by Yintai land (Group) Co., Ltd. is responsible for development. From the design point of view, Dong Luo island is a tropical island resort.

But as journalists from the daily economic news (micro-signal: nbdnews) visited, the island resort was still just a framework, not completed. Previous reports suggest that the cost of developing an uninhabited island has been difficult, but for the island backed by Yintai Group, funding is clearly not a problem. So, what are the reasons why the plan is shelved?

In July 30th, the administrative staff of Dong Gong Island explained to reporters the reasons for the development of the Reprieve: "(island construction) has been doing, there is no suspension of development, but there is a lot of connection problems."

"The uninhabited islands are in charge of the marine department, but the construction of this area is licensed by the local residential construction department. Construction permit on land (application) process has matured, the land requires land (department) advice, planning (department) opinion. However, the planning of the island is governed by the marine sector, which is different from that of the land. We have been communicating between the ocean and the land departments - how to let the planning of the Bureau of Oceanography "recognize" and how to apply for construction permits.

If these are only the summary of the administrative personnel, the more specific problem in the actual operation is: "the staff of the window only follow his process, for example, he wants a land certificate, but we are taking the island card, the two certificates, and there is not a single document that proves it to be the same."

"At the moment, we have been communicating with the government, trying to straighten out the process and link up, so we are not going to work without the license, because it is not legal to get the work strictly. As a matter of fact, we are ready to prepare funds and design plans, so we can start construction permits. " The staff added.

Has invested nearly a billion yuan cost

When talking about why East Island is planned for the construction of Island Holiday Village, the executive officer of Dong Luo Island company said:

The island is small, not suitable for scenic spots, because the scenic area will have a large number of people to visit, but our island is up to 300 people, if we do scenic spots, too many people will destroy it. So we choose to be a high-end hotel, a high-end hotel in the market segmentation of Sanya, and also can receive some people with different needs.

Even if an island can only accommodate 300 people, the cost of development is still amazing.

In the application document publicized by the Hainan Marine Bureau, East Gore Island plans to invest 360 million yuan to build the island. The executives told reporters that they had invested about 90 million yuan. "Because it's been so many years, wages, expenses and designs have been invested. What's more, things on the island are not so easy to develop. They cost a lot. The construction materials need to be transported from the land. "

However, the actual amount of input is not available.

Even in the face of many challenges, the island's development has come to a new prospect this summer.

The administrative staff of Dong Gong Island told the daily economic news (nbdnews): "the recent examination and approval method issued by Hainan province is the equivalent of pointing out the direction for us. You see, there is a clause in it that defines how to apply for the construction permit, and this "Approval Method" is beneficial to our follow-up development.

The reporter noted that in the "examination and approval procedures for the development and utilization of Hainan uninhabited islands" published by the Hainan Department of oceanographic and Fisheries in July 4th, the eighteenth article stipulates that the units or individuals who have obtained the ownership certificate of real estate according to law should be approved in accordance with the People's Republic of China building law. The relevant provisions of the Law shall apply to the administrative departments of housing and urban and rural construction at or above the county level in the place where the island is located for construction permission.

The material that needs to be submitted for the application for construction license is clear: first, non resident island development and utilization of documents; two is the ownership certificate of real estate; the three is to apply for the construction permit in accordance with the regulations of the state and Hainan construction management.

"Once we get the construction permit, the construction will be carried out immediately." The executive said.

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