2 couples were arrested when the Saudi couple kissed the video while driving.

2 couples were arrested when the Saudi couple kissed the video while driving.

Original title: "kiss" video after crazy transmission, the Saudi couple were arrested.

[video / observer network Tang Sasa]

A couple of Saudi couples have been arrested recently. Because they not only "kiss" while driving, but also upload videos to the Internet. The video was frantically forwarded, and it also ignited a lot of angry people in Saudi Arabia.

The man initially uploaded the video to Snapchat and said he was teaching her to drive, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday. (observer website note: Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women's driving in June 24, 2018).

Video is recorded on the highway in the southern part of the province of Ji Zan province.

Unexpectedly, the video triggered a crazy reprint, most of the conservative Saudi people feel that this picture is "ugly."

Some people feel that they are ill bred and should be arrested at once.

"Let them go to prison and educate them about what respect and etiquette is."

Prince Ji Zan governor and Prince Mohamed Abdelaziz immediately ordered the arrest of two people.

Under strict Saudi law, unmarried couples who meet openly or privately may be imprisoned. Because Saudi Arabia forbids the relationship between men and women outside marriage, otherwise it will be regarded as "evil" by Islamic law.

However, a "voice of criticism", some people help the couple to speak:

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