Shandong CDC officials committed suicide as a member of the DPT vaccine evaluation committee.

Shandong CDC officials committed suicide as a member of the DPT vaccine evaluation committee.

Song Lizhi, the director of the Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention, tried to commit suicide by injecting excess insulin, which is now being rescued in ICU ward in Shangdong Province-owned Hospital and has not been in danger of life.

The China Times reporter verified the authenticity of the news through multiple independent sources.

It is understood that Song Lizhi is one of the five members of the longevity bio winning bidder vaccine evaluation committee.

In May this year, Song Lizhi received an interview with the Shandong health journalist. The title of the article is "how to deal with Shandong in the fall of the vaccine - Song Lizhi, director of the Institute for immunization and prevention of the center for Disease Control and prevention of Shandong province"

Recently, the public opinion caused by the unqualified vaccine case in Changchun, the only inflow of the 250 thousand ineligible vaccines into the province, the CDC in Shandong has been criticized by public opinion.

Shandong province CDC issued a message in the early morning of July 23rd, saying that in November 2017, after the former State Food and Drug Administration announced that Changchun Changsheng company was not eligible for the vaccine, Shandong had stopped the inoculation for the first time, and in three days the flow of the related batches of vaccine, the stock, the children and the children were found. In the case of vaccination, the vaccine was sealed and the risk assessment was carried out.

A wide spread of internal documents showed that in October 31, 2017, the food and Drug Administration of Shandong province had issued a notice on the treatment of unqualified joint vaccine for diphtheria.

"The food and Drug Administration of each city is invited to actively cooperate with the recall and disposal of unqualified vaccines, at the same time, the public opinion monitoring will be strengthened, and the preparation for communication and interpretation is prepared." The document wrote. And the document is not open to the public.

The official disclosure of the situation shows that Changchun Changsheng company produced 252600 unqualified diphtheria vaccines (batch number 201605014-01) into Shandong, and 8 cities in Ji'nan, Zibo, Yantai, Jining, Tai'an, Weihai, sunshine, Laiwu and so on. The vaccine has been vaccinated to 247359, consuming and sealing 5241, involving 215184 children.

Since the flow of unqualified vaccines has not been organized in the last nine months, and it has not been reported to the society, the presence of malfeasance in Shandong CDC has become the focus of public questioning.

"As the buyer of the vaccine, we will strictly check the certificate of approval before receiving the goods, but we do not have the responsibility and ability to test the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine." In the evening of July 28th, the Shandong provincial CDC issued a statement on the WeChat public number, but the statement was not yet understood, but reclaimed the public's anger again. The statement was also considered to be the accusation of the public's intentional elution of the public in Shandong.

On the 31 day, the reporter called Song Lizhi's cell phone several times, and the phone was never answered. "I didn't hear the news." Hou Jiaxiang, the director of the Shandong CDC's office, told the China Times reporter that he would verify the information and that the reporter had failed to get his reply.

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