China successfully launched the high score 11 satellite and launched the rocket 4 times in a month.

China successfully launched the high score 11 satellite and launched the rocket 4 times in a month.

According to WeChat's public number "China Space Science and Technology Group" (ID:cascwx) July 31st news, today (July 31st) at 11 noon, at the Taiyuan satellite launch center, the long march No. four carrier rocket successfully sent the high score eleven satellite into the scheduled orbit. The satellite will be mainly used in the fields of land survey, urban planning, land confirmation, road network design, crop yield estimation and disaster prevention and reduction, and can provide information guarantee for the implementation of major national plans such as "one area and one road". So far, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. launched the 4 space launch in July.

Success (Fan Zhe)

Long march four carrier rocket launch into the sky (Li Shengcheng photo)

The high score eleven satellite is developed by the fifth courtyard of the space science and technology group. It is an optical remote sensing satellite with high resolution to the national science and technology special arrangement of the earth observation system. The resolution of the ground pixel is up to the highest level of Yami.

Translocation of star mask assemblage (Ma Ji perturbation)

The long march four carrier rocket, which carried out the launch task, was developed by the eight Academy of Aerospace Science and technology group, and is a class of liquid propellant three carrier rocket at normal temperature. The rocket is mainly used to launch the sun synchronous orbit satellite, which has the characteristics of high reliability and strong adaptability.

Long march four carrier rocket is ready to go (Photo by Ma Ji)

This mission is the 282nd launch of the long march series launch vehicle.

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