The helicopter crashed and damaged the car expert: the helicopter company should pay compensation.

The helicopter crashed and damaged the car expert: the helicopter company should pay compensation.

Source: Legal Evening News

Original Title: The Cause of 4 People Injured in a Helicopter Fall

On July 30th, around 11 am, Beijing Chengcheng high speed Beijing Xiang temple bridge, a helicopter crashed on the east side of the milk East leisure square, smashing a white car on the road. According to the police, 4 people were injured on the helicopter and no injuries were found on the ground.


The helicopter crashed car was smashed

At the scene of the incident, the nearby villagers told the reporter for the Legal Evening News, at about 11 hours, he heard the roar of the helicopter, the sound was very loud, and when he came out, the plane had fallen to the ground. Another eyewitness said the plane crashed into the east of the leisure Square after circling over the nearby village. When the plane crashed, the nose was first ground and the fuselage separated from the tail.

The reporter saw that the falling helicopter's fuselage was lying on the east side of the square walking road, the tail wing of the plane fell away from the fuselage of the green belt in the square, and a white car on the ground was smashed by a helicopter.

According to the Chinese helicopter network news, on July 30th at 11 a.m., a Baer 429 helicopter, a Baer 429 helicopter belonging to Beijing Hua Bin Tian Xing, was confronted with a special situation in the vicinity of Jingcheng high speed. The pilot handled the landing away from the crowd in time.

In the afternoon, the Beijing Public Security Bureau issued a bulletin, "a normal execution of the mission of the civilian helicopter due to the implementation of a malfunction, 4 people on the machine injured, no ground injuries. The injured persons have been sent to medical treatment without life-threatening, and the relevant departments of the cause of the accident are under further investigation.

Expert pilots will be prone to frequent accidents.

In view of the incident, Zhang Qihuai, the standing vice president of the Beijing Aviation Law Society and the famous aviation law lawyer, said that the white car smashed by the helicopter should be compensated by the company owned by the helicopter.  

For the accident, who should be responsible for, Zhang Qihuai said that if the crash is the helicopter itself problems, it is likely that the company's maintenance personnel in the work of omission. If the driver fails or fails in the course of driving, the company will also deal with the driver accordingly.

It is understood that China's opening up low altitude policy, as of June 2018, China's general aviation airport has reached 168. Zhang Qihuai said that as the airport continues to increase, the flight demand is also increasing, in flight management and safety is easier to expose some problems.

Zhang Qihuai said such public transport airlines, such as Air China, have a complete set of assurance systems for management and safety, while the new established companies have low threshold, many tasks and rapid development. The selection of pilots may not be so strict and accidents will be more frequent. In this regard, the General Aviation Corporation in the process of rapid development, should also timely safety education for employees, pay attention to the training of pilots, and the implementation of safety measures. Wen / journalist Ye Wan Li Dong

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