The stout college students have been "boycotted" by netizens this month.

The stout college students have been

Original title: college students with strong stature rely on this month for over 10000? Friends "boycott"!

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With the fierce competition among various live media, some brokerage companies have begun to focus on the college students market in order to reduce costs and attract attention. But.

Sit and make money? College students are stared at

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, many net red brokers have been recruiting students to colleges and universities, promising students to earn thousands of yuan a day for two hours, attracting a lot of college students to join in the summer.

Reporters found that the companies asked students to send photos and videos first, and some companies hinted that "the body is hot" and promised to make 10,000 yuan a month is simple.

Near the summer vacation, Xiao Wang, a sophomore of the first normal university, received a posters at the entrance of the dining hall. The poster was written with a few golden words, "x x media entertainment", hoping to enroll enthusiasts with enthusiasm for film performance, music, dance, model and so on. After the birth of the class, the 95 priority will be accepted, and fans can be accumulated through live broadcast.

Xiao Wang didn't take it seriously when he got the advertisement. But when I first entered the dormitory, an advertisement leaflet came in from the door, and it was just like the advertisement before. Xiao Wang glanced at the two-dimensional code on the advertisement list curiously, only to find that a net red company recruited live anchor in the school.

"We were a little curious at first, but then we were not surprised. After all, there were students around us who often broadcast live or posted funny videos online." Xiao Wang said.

This phenomenon also exists in Communication University of China, Beijing Film Academy and second foreign universities.

Speaking of net red brokers entering college students, a senior student at Communication University of China has set up several recruitment ads that students share in the circle of friends.

Beiqing Bao reporter saw that these advertisement slogans were highly seductive. Among them, there is an ad list which says, "anchor! You only need to sit in front of the camera for 2-3 hours a day, with a minimum salary of three thousand to five thousand, so that you can sit and earn money. In addition to recruiting long-term network infrared, there are also some live broadcast platform recruit live broadcast, "live singing a few songs on the line, half an hour 50 yuan, day knot."

In addition, a student of the Institute of International Relations said that he had received an e-mail interview with a cyber-red brokerage company and suspected that his personal information had been exposed. A girl from the North Normal University told a reporter that she had received the registration form of the show on the entrance of the National Library, filled the form, but decided not to go on the way to the interview.

In addition to recruiting people under the school line, there are many net red companies on the Internet looking for small known university students. A junior at China Media University is a "Little Red Man" with more than one million fans, with an average click-through of 10,000 + per video clip. Since the fire, almost every day, a brokerage firm and an advertising agency have found him, hoping that he will be able to enter the platform.

This kind of school promotion has some effect. With the arrival of the summer vacation, many college students use their leisure time to be on the new host with the arrival of the summer holiday, with the arrival of the summer holiday. The four or five students can earn two thousand or three thousand yuan in the least one month, and the most can earn 10000 yuan.

Known as the monthly entry of over thirty thousand, "hot body" is a bonus.

Beiqingbao reporters in Baidu and micro-blog input "net red company" keyword eye, there have been many companies recruiting net red information. Beiqing newspaper reporters randomly selected a few companies found that these companies are similar to the recruitment model, and asked journalists to provide photos or talent show video, hoping to recruit high - value, talented young people.

The reporter added WeChat of a number of net red brokers, and the other side asked for photos and videos to be sent first.

After seeing a piece of funny short video from the reporter, a company's staff directly expressed the dissatisfaction and sent several short videos. In one video, a young girl is wearing a semi exposed garment, playing and singing while holding the guitar. In another video, a girl with heavy makeup said to the camera, "I am 95 years old, and I am currently studying at university."

"To dress up so that you can live?" In the face of the reporter's question, the staff said: "not to be found on the platform, but also depends on the fans' request."

Later, the staff sent a large number of young girls photos: "every day a number of college students join us, not necessarily for the large platform, we will be transported to the matching platform."

In order to persuade reporters to join, the staff said: "you often play short video of anything is a waste of time, give you a month to join our sophomore student information, she earned more than 7000 last month, this month has not finished earning thirty thousand yuan, you see the same is a college student, you are poor, there is a reason. Yes. "

In addition, the reporter also applied for another post of agent of net red company. The other party directly sent a job description and treatment of the document, specifically marked brokers "have performing arts campus resources better". In the basic requirements of the anchor, stature and talent are bonus points.

And the treatment is based on the number of agents signed by the broker, the quality of the host, the highest level of the broker can "once a year in Beijing training, the whole course more than millions of luxury cars, five star hotel accommodation, including air tickets."

Some people have only a few hundred monthly lawyers to remind them that they should look closely at the treaty when signing the contract.

Li Ru, a sophomore at the First Normal University, became a host in her freshman year, hoping to earn some pocket money through her part-time job. "University courses are relatively scattered and can not be used for part-time jobs all day." Li Ru said that she saw an advertisement for a brokerage company to host anchor on the Internet, and signed the contract after the interview and trial.

"I spend money to buy two hundred or three hundred yuan of sound card and other equipment, live in the dormitory every day, before the live broadcast, make a good make-up, open the beauty function of the live platform." Li Ru applied for a talent anchor, singing children's songs every day, chatting for a while, and occasionally dancing.

But after months of work and fresh efforts, Li Ru began to want to give up. "When I was broadcasting live, I was afraid that there would be no one in the studio. Sometimes I would encounter people who spoke awkwardly. After sitting for a long time, my waist often ached."

In fact, Li Ru did not make a lot of money, "although the bottom line is two thousand, but my live time is very fragmentary, always do not support the company's length, only to take one thousand out of the month, plus the company has to extract 40% of the Commission, to their own hands only two hundred or three hundred."

"I have recently thought about giving up live broadcast. But considering that live broadcasting won't take up too much time, it's a relatively easy money-making opportunity, and it's still going to be broadcast when you're free lately.

In the view of Zhao Zhanling, a lawyer of Beijing Zhi Lin law firm, it is not illegal for college students to do part-time job as a net red, but some companies cheat by the name of the red net, and illegally steal personal information by the curiosity of college students. Zhao occupation suggested that students should check the treaty carefully when signing contracts with regular companies. Before the broadcast, students should pay attention to whether the company requires the anchor to do some illegal acts, say the adage theory, and so on. "If there are some, it must be resisted, otherwise the final legal consequence is the student himself."

China Green review: how many pits are waiting for you

In the face of recruiters' "lotus blooms", how many people can resist temptation in the real world?

From the reporting situation, such a "good thing" also has great legal risks.

First of all, personal information is disliked.

Some college students in order to "grab" to this ideal part-time job, in accordance with the company's requirements, not only sent their own photos and video, but also filled out the report on the personal situation. However, whether these personal information can be properly kept and used is unknown.

Secondly, the content of direct live play the legal edge ball.

In order to attract attention and enhance competitiveness, many live network broadcasting is not in the innovation efforts, but in the "exposure" on the article. In the face of the question that journalists "dress like this to live", some Internet brokerage firms say, "not to be found by the platform, and to see the vermicelli". In the demonstration video they sent, "a young girl in a half-bare outfit, playing and singing with a guitar." Such operation, no commercial self-discipline, no legal constraints, only naked economic aspirations and fluke psychology.

Third, labor remuneration is shrunk in the dark.

It is reported that some advertising slogans are highly seductive. Every day only needs to sit in front of the lens for 2 - 3 hours, without a base salary of 3000 - 5000 yuan, let you sit to make money. "Live and sing a few songs on live, half an hour 50 yuan, day knot", these "false propaganda" is easy to create the illusion of "everywhere is gold". And the reality is often, some live equipment to buy their own, some "live time is very fragmentary, always enough to support the company's length is not enough", "only take 1000 yuan per month, plus the company also take 40% of the Commission, to their own hands only two hundred or three hundred yuan", this salary and the promise is far from the promise. It is also not consistent with the requirements of the labor contract law, "the standard of pay for non full-time employment hours should not be lower than the minimum hour wage standard stipulated by the people's Government of the employer's seat."

In fact, the main occupation of college students is learning, without affecting academic premise, do some part-time work, is not illegal, there is no blame. What is more alarming is why the illegal recruitment of Internet platforms has not been effectively curbed.

According to the tort liability law, "network service providers know that network users use their network services to encroach on other people's civil rights and interests, and do not take necessary measures, and undertake joint and several responsibilities with the network users." That is to say, if the supervision is not in place, the part-time "net red" of college students will not be infringed on, and the network platform should not only be punished by administration, but also bear civil liability.

Of course, from the existing laws and regulations, there are still some problems to be improved for the new rules of webcast. On the basis of labor contract law and network security law, the legal relationship between network platform, direct seeding enterprise, brokerage company, network anchors and fans is further clarified, and the supervision responsibility of the network platform and the legal responsibility of direct seeding enterprises are compacted, and the network live will be more secure and more productive.

Net friend: reading is the hard truth

After media reports, the matter also triggered discussion among netizens. Many netizens can't sit still, and have boycotted them.

But some netizens said that for these industries can not be blindly belittled, because they also have a serious payout of the people___

In the comments of netizens, many people believe that "reading is the absolute truth" should be "down-to-earth, do yourself"__.

What do you think?


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