Female anchors ridicule the Nanjing massacre and the Northeast occupied by netizens

Female anchors ridicule the Nanjing massacre and the Northeast occupied by netizens

Original title: Chen Yifa, a fish fighting anchor, was laughed at by the national memory of Nanjing massacre.

According to the @ Jiangsu net police, July 31st news, Chen Yifa, the host of the live broadcast platform, was a joking joke in the tragic memory of the Nanjing massacre and the three provinces in the eastern three provinces during the early live broadcast. In the game, Chen Yifa was still in the game, playing the action of the game as "the Yasukuni Shrine", causing a lot of netizens to be seriously dissatisfied with Xiao su. In the process of direct seeding, the network owner should not challenge the bottom line of morality and overstep the legal red line. Improperly, letting go of the fire!

Chen Yifa today also issued an apology statement on his personal micro blog @Chen Yifa'er saying that he should not joke about historical events, and I regret and blame myself very much. At the same time, her 2010-2011 years of cynical views on micro-blog are also very wrong. Apologize to everyone here. We will learn a profound lesson from it and pay more attention to our words and deeds in the future. We will not make similar mistakes again.

Chen said that he will voluntarily accept revolutionary education in the near future so that he can truly understand and remember history, improve his consciousness, and correctly perform the social responsibility as a public figure, and will always be the same. I will continue to participate in public welfare activities, with their own influence to try to retrieve the negative consequences. Please supervise all the time.

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