It is still necessary for Russia to rebuild the oceangoing Navy.

It is still necessary for Russia to rebuild the oceangoing Navy.

According to the Russian "view" website published in July 29th, "Russia is going to be a real global ocean Navy is still missing what" article said, the Russian navy in July 29th ushered in its own festival - the Navy. After the recession of the 90s of last century, how can the Russian Navy regain its global strength?

Have risen again

The article said that in July 29th, a naval festival celebration was held in various coastal cities of Russia. The main naval parade was held in St Petersburg and in the province of Carlo. The more than 40 ships and the same number of aircraft were solemnly inspected here on behalf of the 4 Russian fleet, the Baltic Fleet, the Black Sea fleet, the Northern Fleet, and the Pacific Fleet.

The picture shows a Russian naval vessel participating in the Russian navy.

Russian President Putin has been proud to say that the geographical scope of the Russian navy has expanded significantly, including the Mediterranean Sea, the North Atlantic and the Asia Pacific Ocean. Putin also said: "we plan to conduct 102 voyages this year."

The former chief of the Black Sea Fleet chief of staff and Navy Lieutenant General Peter Sviatashev said: "what we see now proves that the Russian navy has risen again after the decline of the 90s of the last century."

The president of the full Russian naval support movement and the reserve Colonel Mikhail Nenashev also expressed the same view: "not long ago our ships could only sail from 15 to 60 nautical miles away from the shore, and that would be a large exercise. Now, our ships have been stationed all over the world and navigate freely in the 5 oceans.

The article holds that this is indeed a fact, that there are signs of the revival of the Russian navy, and that the military action of the Russian navy on the coast of Syria is a witness. However, a question still exists: does our navy have enough strength and capability to display flags in all the oceans of the world?

Let's start with the Mediterranean. The Russian fleet was stationed in the Mediterranean, and the fleet was made up of 15 warships and support vessels, including the "Essen admiral" and "Ge mariovic admiral" frigate and the firewood submarines that used "caliber" cruise missiles to strike targets in Syria.

The situation in other waters is much more difficult, the article said. In fact, there are only 2 ships to carry out long distance missions in other waters.

One of them is the "training camp" training vessel. The training ship has just completed the oceangoing voyage from the Black Sea fleet to the Pacific Fleet. The other is the "wise man Jaroslav" frigate, serving in the Baltic Fleet.

There are also large anti-submarine ships of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Tributz and Admiral Vinogradov. The 2 warships have visited Kampuchea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Lack of ability

The article asks, is that enough to prove that the Russian navy has fully restored its presence in the world ocean?

According to the article, public information showed that in the year of 2017, Russia's major surface ships had completed 34 voyages of the voyage, and what did Russia do this year to complete 2 times more voyages than last year?

It can be speculated that the Russian navy will add a large landing ship and two light duty ships to strengthen the strength of the Mediterranean Russian fleet. But the problem is just increasing strength in the Mediterranean rather than on the global ocean level. In general, it is very early to fully agree with the optimistic conclusion that J Vee Yata Scherf 'Russian navy has experienced a revival after the 90s recession. We are still in the initial stage of this process. Of course, we have made a lot of achievements in this stage. At present, the Russian navy is equipped with well-equipped ships capable of navigating in the oceangoing areas.

The Russian navy has about 10 strategic missile submarines, but it is still not enough to really return to the global ocean. The Russian Navy also has the same number of multi-purpose nuclear submarines, but these submarines are in different states, their technical equipment is not perfect. The diesel electric submarine is unable to complete the long distance mission. Because people can not see underwater submarines, they can not represent the existence of the Russian navy in the global ocean.

Then there are only offshore warships, reconnaissance ships, training ships and security vessels. If the voyage of these ships is included, then the 102 voyage can be completed.

To re-establish the Russian Navy in the world's oceans, more than 100 class 1 and class 2 vessels need to be retrofitted, and hundreds of support ships, oil tankers and transport vessels need to be retrofitted. In addition, temporary bases must be rebuilt in Syria, Vietnam and Cuba. After all, it's a completely different thing to have a ship return around Europe to a Northern Fleet base than to have a floating dock to repair it.

The article thinks that rebuilding a Navy today is much more complicated than destroying a navy in 1990.

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