Russian officials said that the new Russian warship could be exported to China, but the Chinese engine was used.

Russian officials said that the new Russian warship could be exported to China, but the Chinese engine was used.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told Russian reporters Monday that Russia is likely to export to Vietnam, China, India and other countries in the Asia Pacific region as "the European black widow spider" (Karakurt transliterate Carla Kurt, a highly toxic spider near the Mediterranean, "Russian TASS reported on Monday. ) the 22800 type light frigate.

Typhoon No. 22800, light duty frigate of the Russian navy that is about to launch.

Borisov said: "this ship design is very successful: they have large tonnage and good weapons and equipment. As a small, light frigate is relatively cheap, its characteristics are compact, compact, fast, which makes it has a good export potential. Especially from countries in the Asia Pacific region, such as Vietnam, China, India and other countries. "At present, the Russian Navy Baltic Fleet, the Northern Fleet, the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Sea Fleet will deploy 22800 class light frigates. In the future, the Russian navy will build 18 22800 class light frigates to replace all kinds of old ships in the major fleets.

Hurricane No. 22800 light frigate on trial voyage

The 22800 type light frigate is designed by the Russian diamond design bureau. The first two are scheduled to serve in 2017-2018 years. The 22800 model uses two Pierstick diesel engines produced by Henan Diesel Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. of China, each with a power of 10,000 horsepower and the fastest speed of 30 knots. Carrying a vertical launch system, it can launch a variety of missiles including the "calibre" long-range cruise missile (SS-N-27), the Kashtan process air defense system and the A-190 100 millimeter naval gun. Only 800 tons of drainage to achieve the Russian Navy's high maneuver, strong stealth performance, fire ferocious demand, the ship's maximum speed over 30 knots, self holding power for 30 days, the endurance of up to 3000 nautical miles. Many tasks such as anti-ship, air defense, land to air attack and anti submarine can be carried out. It is a new generalist of the Russian navy.

The tonnage is larger, and it can also take off and take off the helicopter 056 frigate. Its comprehensive capability exceeds 22800.

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