The United States scruples the mainland Cai Yingwen across the United States and the eastern tribes

The United States scruples the mainland Cai Yingwen across the United States and the eastern tribes

According to Hongkong's "China Review society" today (31) reports, the leader of Taiwan Province, Cai Yingwen, is scheduled to visit Paraguay and Belize on a trip to Paraguay and Belize on August 12th. The original outside guesses that the first transit of the United States after the passage of the Taiwan travel law should improve the welcome rules of Cai Yingwen, which may lead to the beauty of the border. Washington or New York in the eastern part of the country.

However, according to the schedule announced by the United States on the 30th, it still makes its transit from the western United States, Los Angeles, Houston are not the first transit.  

The "Chinese government" reported that the United States did not allow Cai Yingwen to cross the border between the United States and the East, showing that when the Tsai authorities thought the relationship between Taiwan and the United States was greatly enhanced, the American scruples came to the Chinese mainland's dissatisfaction and was careful about Cai Yingwen's transit.  

"The central evaluation agency" said that although the United States played "Taiwan card" trying to pull the Chinese mainland, but Cai Yingwen's transit city specifications did not improve, it seems that the United States is relatively restrained. In addition, although Cai Yingwen stressed that they did not ask the United States to cross the border Washington demand, but Cai Yingwen's trip to Washington, the specifications will exceed Chen Shuibian, Ma Ying-Jeou and other former leaders of the Taiwan region, so the so-called not put forward the demand for Washington, may be just to find the steps of themselves.  

Because of the diplomatic crisis in Paraguay, Cai's visit to the United States was relatively restrained. He was also worried that the mainland of China could not make a move before the visit.  

On the one hand, the US side's commitment to Taiwan is not the best, but on the other hand, it shows the passivity of the Tsai authorities on the relationship between Taiwan and the United States. How to play "Taiwan card" is almost manipulated in the hands of the US side.

According to the previous news, the Taiwan United Daily said in June 3rd that the DPP authorities were considering the opportunity to attend the inauguration of the president of Paraguay by Cai Yingwen in August and to cross the United States again. This is also the first time Cai Yingwen passed through the United States after President Trump signed the "Taiwan travel act". It is understood that Cai Yingwen visited four times since he took office, in addition to the recent visit to Swaziland in Africa, the other three visits to South and South America, the South Pacific, the summer of 2016 to visit Paraguay, the transit of the United States, including Miami, Houston, San Francisco and other places. Some foreigners said that the smooth passage across the eastern coast of the United States and the meeting with U.S. officials would be a major step forward in Taiwan-U.S. relations.

There are also people familiar with the matter that, although it is not the meeting period of the United States Congress in August, there are heavyweight members in various occasions, which can be expected. "It is suggested that the United Nations General Assembly will be on the stage in September, and the relevant important proposals will be warmer in advance in August, and the time will have space to play."

Now it seems that Cai Yingwen's dream of Huang Liang should wake up.

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