The MH370 report refers to the omission of the air traffic controller.

The MH370 report refers to the omission of the air traffic controller.

China and the new network, July 31, according to foreign media reports, Malaysia transportation minister Lu Zhaofu announced that the director of the Civil Aviation Administration, azreuin has resigned to show that the MH370 report of the Malaysian Airlines is responsible for the problems of air traffic control operation.

Reports said that Lu Zhaofu today in the Congressional corridor press conference said that azahallin's resignation came into force on August 14th, but he stressed that the latter did not make a mistake, but resigned in charge of the issues raised in the report.

On December 3, 2015, in the Union Buildings in Canberra, Australia, Australian Vice Premier Warren Dreas introduced the latest progress of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 search operation at a news conference.

He said Aziz handing was delivered on the Malaysian Airlines MH370 Malaysia security team's report.

Local time on the morning of 30, the Malaysia government closed door to Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost contact family members to publish an investigation report. In the afternoon, at the headquarters of the Malaysia Ministry of communications, 4 members of the investigation team, led by the head of the investigation team and the former director of the Malaysia civil aviation bureau, announced the report to the media.

The report was up to 822 pages, and investigators confirmed that the plane had turned around and flew back. However, the true reason for the loss of MH370 flight is that the conclusion of the report is still "uncertain".

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