High school principals overweight office building "reception room" was removed from office

High school principals overweight office building

Original title: super standard, punishment! (supervisory whistle)

"What I did was to lift a rock and drop it on my own feet..." Recently, in the face of disciplinary decisions, Li Pengfei, President of purple lake middle school in Yushan, Jiangxi, was very sorry.

In January 2nd this year, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection received reports from the masses to reflect Li Pengfei's use of the office in excess of standards. County Commission for Discipline Inspection immediately instructed the sixth working committee to investigate and verify.

"There are masses of people who reflect that your office area is over standard. Is there such a thing?" On arriving at school, the investigators talked to Li Pengfei.

"How can it be?" In this regard, I strictly comply with the requirements of the higher authorities. " Faced with investigators' questions, Li Pengfei answered the questions very simply.

"Since there is no such problem, let's go to your office." The investigators say.

"What's good in the office? Just a table and chairs." Li Pengfei pretended to be calm. "Shall I take you to the campus?" At the end of this, his expression flashed a glimmer of confusion.

None of them escaped the eyes of investigators. Investigators insisted on going to their offices immediately. Unfortunately, Li Pengfei had to bring investigators to a house with "principal room" sign.

"We were all shocked at the moment when we opened the door." The so-called offices seen by investigators are thick with dust, and the walls are covered with spider webs.

"Principal Li, do you usually work here?" The investigators asked questions seriously.

"Here, this..." Li Pengfei immediately dropped his tongue, embarrassed and bowed his head, giving the investigators an account of the problem.

Originally, in the first half of 2014, the school and office building repair and renovation of the school, Li Pengfei "calculate" to get himself a bedroom and toilet office. So, he took the initiative to come to the director of the general affairs Yan, and said, "old Yan, this school maintenance and renovation project is very large, I want to get a big office, how do you see?"

"At present, the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee is very strict at all levels. Is this not good?" Yan Mou is very difficult.

"You are too serious. Can you check our office space and find out in our school?" Li Pengfei didn't care. "Do whatever I want."

In Li Pengfei's insistence repeatedly, Yan Mou put his office in a renovation project, transforming a classroom on the north end of the two building of the office building into a headroom equipped with a bedroom and a toilet, except for office supplies such as desk chairs, computers, printers and other office supplies, as well as sofa, tea table and air conditioning.

In March 2017, the county carried out special clean-up activities for illegal use of office space. Li Pengfei knew that his office room exceeded the standard seriously. In order to avoid inspection, he replaced the sign of "headmaster's room" with "reception room" and continued to use it. In order to cope with the inspection of higher authorities, Li Pengfei played a "disguise" and set up another "principal room" in another room. After field measurement, Li Pengfei office exceeded the standard area of 31.2 square meters. The supervisory committee of Yushan County Discipline Inspection Commission has decided to give Li Pengfei a serious warning and administrative dismissal from office within the Party, and has notified criticism throughout the county.

[the executive said]

To correct the "four winds", we must never be gentle and frugal. We should always keep the attitude of the sand in the eyes. The supervision pays attention to the daily, the regular, the serious investigation and punishment of the violation of the discipline, the name of the name of the name of the name is exposed, so that the violators pay the price.

- Jiangxi Yushan County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision committee director Zhang Zhiqiang

Editor in responsibility: Yu Pengfei

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