Female double uterus pregnancy at the same time, two babies born the first born, no abnormalities found.

Female double uterus pregnancy at the same time, two babies born the first born, no abnormalities found.

Original title: female double uterus with pregnancy two babies born the first fetus did not find abnormalities

It may be a surprise for most people to learn that they are twins, but for a mother in Cornwall, Britain may be more frightening than a surprise. Because she had two womb and was conceived at the same time.

According to the daily mail of July 31st, in December last year, the British women's Jennifer Ashwood and their nurses learned that a new member of their family was a pair of twins. But doctors soon discovered abnormalities, and revealed to them in February that pregnant women had two womb and conceived at the same time.

Ash Wood said he was surprised when he heard the news. "I had a child, Millie, who was 8 years old and I was pregnant with her (no problem)." "We discovered it when we were doing B-mode ultrasound during the twentieth weeks of pregnancy. We only knew this was very rare."

It is understood that the situation of Ashe and Wood is called the double horn uterus. With two wombs and a concurrent pregnancy rate of only one in 500 million, fewer than 100 cases occur globally, and in the UK there are few cases. Doctors say that this situation does not cause too many problems, but the risk of miscarriage and premature delivery is high.

Ash Wood said the pregnancy was very difficult. "You think you are in good health, but it turns out not to be." "Compared with the first pregnancy, I feel a little uncomfortable or uncomfortable." "And because of the special circumstances, we don't know what will happen before we give birth to children smoothly."

Fortunately, with the joint efforts of all, Ashe and Wood, after 34 weeks of pregnancy, gave birth to about 5 kilo - kilo son and about 4.6 kilo - weight daughter Bobbi by caesarean section. She said, "the two womb is very rare, and the two uterus is conceived at the same time. It can be said to be a miracle. "

After receiving two weeks of jaundice treatment, the twins were discharged home. Ash Wood said that the eldest daughter who had wanted only one partner had already started to get used to her brother and sister. "Now the family is so busy that we don't have much time to sleep. They need double energy to take care of, but they also bring double love. "

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