Russian media: Russia, the Soviet Union and the 57 fighters, these 6 aspects of performance are better than the US F35.

Russian media: Russia, the Soviet Union and the 57 fighters, these 6 aspects of performance are better than the US F35.

Russia's latest stealth fighter Su-57 is expected to be equipped with troops next year, Japan's Shinichi Shimbun reported on July 30. Russian state media "Russia Today" television quoted Russian Deputy Defense Minister Krivoruchenko as saying the news. In line with this trend, "Russia Today" television also published "Japan introduced the latest U. S. stealth fighter F-35 and Su-57 which strong" report. This shows that the latest US and Russian fighter planes have attracted much attention.

Reported that the Su-57 manufactured by Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi, it is Su-27's successor model, its development and development work from the beginning of this century. The Soviet -57 is classified as a stealth fifth generation fighter, which makes Russia the third country with domestic stealth fighters after the United States and China.

The figure is the Soviet -57 fighter developed by Russia

Japanese media quoted "Russia today" TV station reported that the Soviet -57 has a good stealth performance, equipped with high performance radar, can carry out supersonic cruise, maneuverability. The machine can fight at any height and distance. In addition, the fighter also carries a special missile that can be attacked from outside the enemy's interceptor circle, carrying weapons that are 1.5 to 2 times better than the previous generation.

Su -57 can be networked with other fighters, and can become the operational airspace command of guided wing missiles.

According to the report, the latest US stealth fighter F-22 and F-35 are regarded as -57 competitors. However, F-22 was prohibited from exporting for military reasons, and the production line was closed. The possibility of reproduction is low.

On the other hand, F-35, which is newer than F-22 and more advanced in electronic equipment, has developed a certain amount and exported to other countries one after another. US allies are expected to deploy the aircraft, and Japan plans to introduce 42.

Japanese media said that today's Russian television station published a comparison between F-35 and Su -57 in June 25th. The report quoted the analysis of the military personage as saying, "the concept of the two aircraft development is totally different. F-35 is a low-cost light fighter to supplement high performance but expensive F-22. The Su-57 is a large-scale fighter used for air control, and is superior to the F-35 in speed, altitude, sensors, armed carrying capacity, endurance range and maneuverability. It is reported that Su -57 is superior to F-35.

However, the report also expressed a cautious attitude that "in modern air combat, the fighters generally do not fight in the air, mobility and armed load are not so important."

The report concludes that "what is really important is the balance of the armed load and the range, the radar performance, and so on. The two aircraft do not have public data related to it, and there is no data related to the elements of the capability of the left and right fighters, such as the early warning radar, the satellite data chain, and so on, so it is not suitable for the two." The advantages and disadvantages of the aircraft are compared.

The report says, on the other hand, among Western military personages, most views are that "the history of the US equipment stealth fighter is longer than Russia, and F-35 is more advantageous in terms of the comprehensive strength of electronic warfare capability and the use of situation".

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