Taiwanese media: the East Asian Games will be canceled if Taiwan's participation in the APEC summit is cancelled.

Taiwanese media: the East Asian Games will be canceled if Taiwan's participation in the APEC summit is cancelled.

Original title: Taiwan media: the East Asian Games will be cancelled if Taiwan is to attend the APEC summit.

[observer network comprehensive report] following the cancellation of the 2019 East Asian Youth Games, the island has been passed out, and the APEC summit in Taiwan will also be changed.

According to the Taiwan "China Times" reported in July 31st, after the cancellation of the right to host the East Asian green transportation, the APEC summit will also change. When James Soong, the chairman of the party, would not be willing to attend the APEC and the Tsai authorities, the mainland Taiwan related people revealed that the mainland is being prejudged, if Song Chu It is no longer a representative of Taiwan to attend the APEC. On behalf of the Democratic Progressive Party authorities, the government is likely to send a green camp political figure. The result, like a "nominal referendum", demonstrated to the mainland, and the mainland would never agree to allow Taiwan to participate.

The 2018 Ministerial Conference and leaders' informal meeting of the APEC (APEC) will be held in from November 12th to 18th in the South Pacific, Papua.

Relations between the two sides deteriorated sharply after the DPP authorities helped in the "East Olympic referendum", and the mainland has begun to predict how the DPP "acts" in APEC. Soong Chuyu's appointment as APEC delegate has not been finalized yet, and various kinds of news have been circulated frequently, so that mainland analysis, Soong Chuyu no longer go to APEC news is not empty air.

Mainland Taiwan related people pointed out that the principle of Taiwan's participation in the APEC is that Taiwan can only participate in the name of the economy in the name of the economy. After the DPP came to power, James Soong did not agree with the elements of financial officials, but the Party of the people of the people of the people of the people's Republic of China agreed to "one in the two sides of the Taiwan Straits" and could be released.

Taiwanese media analysis, once James Soong does not come, the Taiwan related people think that the DPP does not play two cards, one is to send the head of the "Ministry of finance" or the meeting of the entrepreneurs, and the two is the green camp itself and the representatives of the political figures of the DPP. Under the current cross-strait atmosphere, the opportunity to play second cards is very high and can also be explained to the "independent faction".

Liu Xiangping, director of the Taiwan Institute of Nanjing University, said that the Democratic Progressive party wanted to use James Soong to bypass the 92 consensus and to give Taiwan people a "no 92 consensus, cross straits contact" illusion. In the early Song Dynasty, there were illusions about the Tsai authorities and thought Cai Yingwen would adjust slowly. But for more than two years, Song Ying had seen that Cai did not want to improve relations with the mainland, and realized that he was being used, so this time it would not be "repeated".

As for the cancellation of the 2019 East Asian youth sports meeting in Taichung, the spokesman of the state Taiwan office, Ann Feng Shan, said that the East Asian Olympic Association decided to cancel the 2019 East Asian Youth Games, due to some political forces and "Taiwan independence" elements in Taiwan and to promote the so-called "Tokyo Olympic referendum" under the DPP's indulgence. Openly challenged the "Olympic model" to make the games face enormous political risks and political interference.

We have always opposed political interference in sports and have repeatedly expressed our resolute opposition to the provocation of the so-called referendum. International Olympic Committee is also highly concerned and wrote to the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee to show its attitude. The "Olympic model" must be upholding and maintaining. This is the consensus of the international sports community. The abolition of the 2019 East Asian Youth Games in Taichung is the correct decision made by the East Asian Olympic Association.

We wish to persuade the Democratic Progressive Party authorities to return to the path of peaceful development of cross straits relations based on the "92 consensus", and not to harm and sacrifice the interests of the people of Taiwan for the sake of political private interests, and not to continue to provoke the hostility between the two sides of the Straits, to raise the confrontation between the two sides of the Straits, and to carry on the burden of the people of the two sides. It is fantasizing and obsessive.

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