Air force 600 really wants to come? Experts: customize the new generation of electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier.

Air force 600 really wants to come? Experts: customize the new generation of electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier.

Original title: is the air police 600 really coming? Expert: customized for China's new generation electromagnetic launch aircraft carrier

Source: Science and Technology Daily

Recently, the -15 model and the 600 model of the air police were in the same frame, appearing on the deck of a simulated aircraft carrier built in Wuhan.

In this regard, military expert Lan Shunzheng said that China's air police 600 is specially designed for the next generation of our next generation of electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier warship early-warning aircraft, with the United States Navy's only aircraft carrier early warning aircraft E-2 "Hawk Eye" performance at the same level, the air police 600 ship time may be linked to the launch time of our electromagnetic ejection aircraft.

Carrier installation of early warning aircraft is like adding "heavenly eye" to the aircraft carrier, which can greatly improve the safety of the aircraft carrier, target search capabilities and long-range combat capabilities. The warship early-warning machine is like the moving high altitude radar. Through the electronic reconnaissance equipment, the air, sea or land targets are found, and the information is quickly transferred to the command and control center of the aircraft carrier to command the operations of the aircraft. Early warning aircraft is also necessary for aircraft carrier formation to carry out high-intensity air operations independently.

However, the two carriers in China are not equipped with carrier-based early warning aircraft, but use early warning helicopters with weak early warning capability or start the carrier's own radar early warning. This leads to the easy exposure of aircraft carriers at sea, and on the other hand, weakening the long-range operational capability of carrier battle groups. Therefore, it is imminent to make up the short range of the long range radar warning capability of China's aircraft carrier formation. It has been reported that about more than 10 years ago, China began to develop Air Force Police 600.

Lan Shunzheng pointed out that China's air force 600 is similar to the US Army E-2 eagle eye aircraft carrier in terms of its performance and appearance. According to speculates, the 600 airframe is relatively short, it is an advanced warship early-warning machine with multiple vertical tail, about 20-21 meters in length, about 6 meters in height, about 9 meters in width, 18 and 24 tons in the air weight and the maximum take-off weight, which may use double hair turbofan engine.

Generally speaking, the aircraft carrier's own radar is affected by the curvature of the earth, the detection distance for low altitude and ultra low altitude targets is short, and the target is very close to the target, which leads to the "myopia problem" of the aircraft carrier. It is estimated that the detection range of the China Air Police 600 carrier-borne early warning aircraft is several hundred kilometers, coupled with high-altitude early warning to overcome the impact of earth curvature, almost no blind area. As a result, the aircraft carrier air defense circle has expanded hundreds of kilometers outward. Besides, when China's air force 600 is in service, the exposure of aircraft carriers in China may also be significantly reduced.

Because of the limited space and load of aircraft carrier, compared with the conventional early warning machine, the ship borne early warning machine must be weighed and lean on the ship, so many functions must be taken, for example, the size of the early-warning machine, the detection distance and the shortening of the range. In addition, the warship early-warning machine also needs to spend more energy in adapting to the marine environment, such as the carrier aircraft in the salt prevention, waterproof, corrosion prevention and so on much higher.

"The Air Police 600 is likely to be installed on a new generation of electromagnetic missile carriers in China, because the early warning aircraft must be ejected to take off, it is difficult to take off skidding." Lan Shunzheng explained that the carrier aircraft of the Liaoning ship is a skid takeoff, and the skid take-off requires that the engine power of the carrier engine is large. At the same time, the carrier load and the load of the carrier are small. However, the warship early-warning aircraft is just the opposite, large, heavy, and low engine power. If the 600 is successful, it should not take off on the carrier of the skid takeoff. It is learnt that the US eagle eye ship borne early warning aircraft is launched by ejection mode. "Compared with ski takeoff, ejection takeoff can take off aircraft of greater weight and volume, which has a great impact on improving air combat effectiveness."

When is the air police 600 officially on the ship? Lan Shunzheng said it should be linked to the launching time of China's electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier. However, due to the difficulty of developing the electromagnetic projectile carrier, when to launch is still unknown, so the air police 600 ship still needs to wait patiently.

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