Male drunk beating 4 year old daughter forced his ex-wife to appear in the police: administrative detention

Male drunk beating 4 year old daughter forced his ex-wife to appear in the police: administrative detention

Original title: Guangxi Jingxi "men battered daughter" incident latest progress

Baise, July 31 (Correspondent Lu Ander) Recently, the "man beats his daughter" incident spread rapidly in the circle of Weixin friends, triggering hot debate. The Procuratorate of Jingxi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, promptly dispatched personnel to intervene in advance after being informed, to guide public security organs to investigate and collect evidence, and to conduct visits to the victims.  

After preliminary investigation, Guangdong Jieyang man Huang XXX was forced to meet and remarried his ex-wife. After drinking in a hotel room in Jingxi on the evening of July 21st, the 4 year old daughter was beaten in the early morning of 22, and the beating process was transmitted to her former wife's sister. The video has been widely disseminated in WeChat's circle of friends after being forwarded several times. At present, Huang Mou has been arrested by others for assaulting others.  

On the morning of July 23rd, after the Jingxi municipal procuratorate was informed of the incident, it was involved in the case in advance and transferred the relevant case materials to understand the progress of the case and the physical injury of the little girl, and to supervise and guide the relevant departments to investigate and deal with the incident according to law. Meanwhile, the prosecutors of the unchecked departments were sent to visit the victims for sympathy.  

The Institute will continue to pay attention to the investigation of the cases, and will synchronize with the relevant departments to strengthen the care and protection of the abused girls, including their physical rehabilitation, physical and mental guidance and so on, so as to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the infringed children.

Editor in responsibility: Yu Pengfei

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