Women dressed as rich handsome cheat 279 people to dig out 2 million 660 thousand cash in two buckets.

Women dressed as rich handsome cheat 279 people to dig out 2 million 660 thousand cash in two buckets.

Original title: women cheat prince charming 279 people, the family dug out 2 million 660 thousand cash, loaded two barrels!


As two buckets of cash were dug out by the police,

A fraud Gang under the guise of "making friends" has been destroyed.

According to the officer in charge of the case, the officer was introduced.

The initial cause of the case,

It is a warning from a middle-aged single woman, Wu, in Suzhou.

It is understood that,

Ms. Wu is on the dating website,

I know a single man who is very handsome and handsome.

The man is in love,

Use various methods to approach Ms. Wu,

Under the men's rhetoric,

Ms. Wu found that

The prince of the white horse in his own mind,

A successful investment person.

In the men's circle of friends, Ms. Wu saw a variety of successful investment cases.

Under the men's persuasion,

Ms. Wu also downloaded and installed APP software recommended by men.

And it has invested more than twenty thousand yuan successively.

But after a period of operation, Ms. Wu

Instead of making money,

The principal is still a lot of loss.

Just when Wu decided not to invest in preparing for cash withdrawals,

She found that funds had been limited by software platforms and could not be disclosed.

And his "boyfriend" is also lost.

Aware of being cheated,

Ms. Wu hurried to the police.

The police have passed the investigation for half a month.

In one attempt, a fraud gang in an office building in Xinxiang, Henan was destroyed.

At present, the gang of 36 suspects have been caught in the net.

According to the review,

Zhang Zhang, the head of the fraud Gang,

It's the mother of two children.

But she is not comfortable with her,

I know a friend who worked in a platform investment company through friends.

And slowly develop into a lover's relationship.

Two people bought a APP software for simulating foreign exchange.

As long as the victim puts the money into the account,

The background data is completely controlled by itself.

After investigation,

For more than a year,

Zhang and Yang make use of dating software to find single women to deceive "investment".

In this way,

A total of about ten million dollars was cheated.

279 of the victims have been verified,

All of them are women.

Zhang Mou and Yang Mou 73 split booty,

Because I know that my money is not in the right way,

Zhang did not dare to deposit the money in the bank.

So Zhang used two big plastic buckets.

Buried the money under the floor of her mother's residence.

After counting, there are 2 million 660 thousand yuan in cash in the bucket.

At present,

The police have captured 36 suspects.

The case is still under further investigation.

Netizen comments:

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@ sticky sticky: there's no more than 200 victims over there.

Look at the Fortune Tellers: find out the tutorials

@234-Yoon: it's good that I'm safe

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