Tank racing Kazakhstan crazy turret turrets are detached from the carbody (map)

Tank racing Kazakhstan crazy turret turrets are detached from the carbody (map)

In the two tank match of July 30th, the Kazakhstan team's crazy performance made the whole stadium stunned. The picture above shows Kazakhstan's tanks skidding through the trenches at a fairly high speed, as if they were taking off, but an accident occurred when they landed. Pay attention to the motion picture, which, after landing, caused the turret seat fixtures to fail because of their heavy weight and inertia, and the turrets were partially separated from the seat ring and the venting tubes at the rear of the turret were left to the earthquake; it can be said that the Kazakhstan tank was a bad play (perhaps a potential quality problem). And must be repaired in the factory. This is the pressure of the formation of the 96B tank of our representative team. Other participating countries are not able to compete with each other.

It was the Kazakhstan team that was so crazy and rude to take the decisive time for the Kazakhstan team to win first of the day group match with only one second of our country's team (20 points and 57 seconds), and the team of our country was ranked second in 20 points and 58 seconds.

The above picture is the capture of the tank of the Kazakhstan team at the moment of landing. The turret ring is clearly out of the normal position. The tank is estimated to have a potential quality problem, and the strong impact is exposed.

Not only did the turret seat ring break away from the body, but also the air duct at the rear of the turret was shaken down (in the red circle), showing how much force was going on at that time.

The above picture was the Kazakhstan T-72B3 tank racing ring in July 30th. In order to facilitate the exhaust of the 840 horsepower engine, the cover was opened. In the game it once racked up to 70 kilometers per hour, almost catching up to 71 km / C of the 1000 horsepower engine of the 96B tank. It can be seen how the Kazakhstan team is spelling! (authorship: new military)

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