China's first dragon rocket launches for the first time in 24 hours.

China's first dragon rocket launches for the first time in 24 hours.

CCTV news July 31st news, today, the space science and Technology Group Launch Rocket Technology Research Institute developed a small commercial space rocket "czechoslov one" for the first time to the public, this is the Chinese aerospace "national team" pure commercial model to build the first commercial space launch vehicle.

Aerospace Technology Group rocket technology research institute is the cradle of China's long march rocket. In recent years, with the advent of the era of commercial space, the "dream team" of the Chinese aerospace has also begun to adapt to the requirements of the new era, and further promote the new development of the space industry.

The Jellon-1 carrier rocket is a four-stage solid rocket in series with a capacity of no less than 150 kg in a 700 km solar synchronous orbit. The rocket can provide a complete cabin space with a diameter of 1.1 meters and an altitude of 1.5 meters for the satellite to meet the launch requirements of one arrow, one satellite or multiple satellites.

The target cost of the Czechoslovakia is only $2-3, compared with the cost of $5-6 million in the international mainstream. It can be launched in 24 hours at the fastest. The capability of rapid launch and mass production are the key to low cost.

According to Liu Yu, chairman of the China Rocket Company, which belongs to the Launch Vehicle Technology Research Institute of the space science and technology group, "the czechoslovaki No. 1" plans to achieve the first flight by the beginning of next year. At present, a number of provincial civil military integration agencies have discussed their cooperation intentions with them. With the improvement of technical ability, there will be more spacecraft in the future to provide personalized services to the ground, and even to achieve a new mode of space consumption for individual consumers.

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