Shandong provincial CDC officials suspected suicide attempts usually had "three high".

Shandong provincial CDC officials suspected suicide attempts usually had

Original title: Shandong provincial CDC officials tried to commit suicide, usually "three high" on Sunday, emergency into ICU

Song Lizhi, director of the Institute of Immunity at the Shandong Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tried to commit suicide by injecting excess insulin, a report said today. The daily economic news reporter learned in the East Hospital of Shangdong Province-owned Hospital that there was a patient named Song Lizhi who was treated in the hospital on Sunday morning and is currently in the hospital ICU ward. A person familiar with the matter revealed that the situation is stable, and the consciousness is not completely clear.

A nursing worker said, "after four o'clock (afternoon), the family members can visit." In addition, a person close to the Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control told reporters that Song Pingshi had three high symptoms. (every journalist Peng Fei)

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