Shanxi state owned enterprises borrow Zhou Shang Wang to promote Zhou culture, dance, dance, and dance.

Shanxi state owned enterprises borrow Zhou Shang Wang to promote Zhou culture, dance, dance, and dance.

Original title: Shaanxi state owned Business Week king and Da Ji as a gimmick to promote Zhou culture scenic spot, causing controversy

King Shang Zhou is one of the representatives of tyrannical and dissolute and has always been criticized by others. 而近日,陕西旅游集团有限公司却以纣王、妲己为噱头,拍摄发布短视频推广宣传周原景区,引发争议。

In July 27th, the official WeChat public of Shaanxi tourism group released an article entitled "King Zhou's own fire!" In the Zhou Yuan dance, click and break, and this scenic area must be against the sky! The article, the article, the article said that "yesterday (26 days) of the king Zhou Tai himself in the China Zhou Yuan scenic spot fire full open, a charm dance, a scene change, with the story of Shang and Zhou, magic magic of this scenic spot again popular, click the moment to break through tens of millions, comment area simply fry a pot."

The article issued three short videos, of which two were the "King Zhou", "Da Ji", the video music "magic", with the music "Da Ji" twisting posture, "graceful" dance. On this short video platform, some netizens leave messages: "creative" and "deceive us to travel".

This article said, "in recent years, learning ancient cultural activities in ancient times has been hot in all places, but you may never notice that the birthplace of Zhou Li is in Qishan, Baoji, Shaanxi. The Zhouyuan Scenic Spot of China once again shows the Zhou Dynasty to the eyes of the world. It carves out 1:1 of the buildings of the Zhou Dynasty which are rarely recorded in history. Let us see the civilization of thousands of years ago. "

However, after the WeChat commentary was forwarded to a circle of friends, a netizen commented that "wrong to make fun of vulgarity" "spicy eyes", "to rely on the king of the king of Zhou," "no culture too terrible."

More netizens questioned the following: "the father, the king of the Wen, the king of Wu, and so on, created the West Zhou Wei industry in Zhou Yuan, made the ritual music, the rite reign, laid the foundation of the Zhou Dynasty for eight hundred years, became the first prosperous Dynasty in the history of China, and left behind the inexhaustible and inexhaustible material and spiritual wealth for the future generations. Use the tyrannical and dissolute King Zhou to make gimmicks to promote?

Up to now, the Shanxi Travel Group has published more than 5000 articles, and a comment area netizen left a message saying, "What's the relationship between Zhou Yuan and King Yi?" It's not the business. " The reply is: "Feng Ming Qishan, why does King Wu cut Zhou?"

Zhou Yuan is located in Baoji, Shaanxi. It is the capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty, and also one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese nation. Public reports show that Zhou Yuan scenic area was built and operated by Shaanxi tourism group and opened in July 18th.

According to an article posted on the official website of Shaanxi Travel Group, Zhouyuan Scenic Area is the first comprehensive, multi-level and interactive tourism core destination for Zhou cultural exhibition. The scenic area is composed of four major sections: Zhou Cheng, Zhou Gonghu, Zhou Gong temple and Lantau Peak, with a total area of about 4 square kilometers. Among them, the Zhou Cheng plate occupies an area of more than 360 mu, with a total investment of about 680 million yuan.

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