Men and "beauty" naked chat, theft of privacy is threatened not to pay the money on the exposure.

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Original title: men and "little sister" naked chat stolen privacy, the other said no money exposure.

A long time ago, Xuzhou Mount Huangshan police station received a man from the police, said he knitted a "little sister" on the Internet, two people chatted soon, the other side offered to talk to him. The man quickly agreed, but the man didn't think of it. The naked chat had just ended. The other side sent himself a naked chat video and a man's address book video, claiming that the video would be exposed if he did not give money.

At this time, the man understood that, in the original, the other side in the naked chat process, the naked chat video intercepted, at the same time in the chat process, induced him to install the chat software with the Trojan horse virus, secretly stolen the information of his address book.

The man was afraid and gave the other man money to satisfy the other's needs. Originally thought, money spent disaster, this thing has passed, but who knows, this is the beginning.

Mount Huangshan police station in big Mount Huangshan police Wang Qing: "first is to pay 500 dollars, the victim paid, the suspect over there and changed the role, changed people, and then asked him to 2500, and then the victim also paid the 2500 yuan, then the other exchange, and change the role, and asked him 2000. A total of blackmail about 20,000 yuan of the victim, at this time the victim felt it was a bottomless pit, so he finally chose to call the police.

After receiving the alarm, the police through the clues provided by the victim, many parties touch the row, and finally locked two of the suspects are in Nanjing, the police quickly hit, in a hotel in the Nanjing new area of Jiangbei, the two suspects were arrested. The man never imagined that he was talking about a bunch of big guys.

The police said that the suspect was stealing the victim's information while distributing the Trojan horse. The victim's view is just a video clip of a female suspect who was intercepted on the Internet.

Through their interrogation, the police grasped new clues, and then quickly launched an attack to arrest other suspects. So far, 7 suspects suspected of extortion have all been arrested. After investigation, the suspect went through the Internet drifting bottle, specifically looking for men as the target.

The suspect has committed 5 crimes and is worth more than 6 yuan. At present, all 7 suspects have been approved to arrest, and the case is being processed.

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