Hangzhou: autopilot will be allowed to test on the road

Hangzhou: autopilot will be allowed to test on the road

Xinhua news agency, Hangzhou, July (Xinhua Wei Yijun) 31 (reporter Wei Yijun) Hangzhou Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the city traffic and Transportation Bureau recently issued the "Hangzhou city intelligent network network vehicle road test management implementation rules (Trial)", the scope of the intelligent network vehicle road test and management standards are made clear.

It is reported that the next step in Hangzhou will set up the Hangzhou automatic driving test expert committee, the introduction of third party test management agencies, the test subject and vehicle evaluation and audit, the issuance of test signs, open part of the road for automatic driving test, speed up the development and application of automatic driving technology. The implementation details will be implemented in August 20th, and the open section will be released to the public in the near future.

According to the Implementation Rules, the testing subject must be an independent legislator registered within the territory of the People's Republic of China. The test subjects include auto driving technology and product research and development, production capacity or operation ability of the whole vehicle enterprise, modified vehicle production enterprise, Internet enterprise, scientific research institute, University, transportation enterprise and other scientific and technological enterprises.

For the driver's conditions responsible for testing and emergency measures in case of emergency, the implementation rules are strictly limited, such as no full record in the last 3 consecutive scoring cycles, no drunk driving or drunk driving motor vehicle records, and more than 50 hours of autopilot operation experience.

In the process of road test, the test driver should always be in the driving position of the test vehicle, and always monitor the running state of the vehicle and the surrounding environment. When the test driver finds that the vehicle is not suitable for automatic driving or the system prompts manual operation, he should take over the vehicle in time.

The rules of implementation stipulate that the traffic illegal activities during the test shall be handled by the traffic management department of the public security organs in accordance with the existing laws and regulations on road traffic safety. That is to say, the main body of the intelligent network alliance vehicle traffic violation and accident liability identification is "human" rather than "car".

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