Russia signed 6 RD-180 rocket engine contracts to the US

Russia signed 6 RD-180 rocket engine contracts to the US



Russian satellite news agency reported on July 31st that Igor Albu Geoff, general manager of Russian Power Machinery Research and production, said in an interview that the Union and the United States joint launch alliance signed a new RD-180 rocket engine for the 6 launch of the "cosmos -5" rocket to the United States in 2020. Agreement.

In 1997 Moscow and Washington signed a supply contract of 101 RD-180 engines valued at about $1 billion. About 2 years ago, the US congress banned the use of these engines after 2019.

However, when we know that the engine of our country will not be made in the next 3 years, the United States will lift the ban. The Joint Launch Alliance consortium subsequently ordered 20 more engines from the Russian Power Machinery Research and Production Consortium at the request of the Pentagon. The RD-180 engine is used in the first stage of the cosmos -5 rocket in the United States.

"We signed the supply contract to RD-180 in 2019," Albu Geoff said. Not long ago, the situation has changed. We have signed a contract for 2020 under which we will supply our partners with six more RD-180 engines.

Previously, it was reported that the Joint Launch Alliance was likely to continue using Russian-made engines until 2024 or 2025, or even 2028.

In addition to RD-180, Russia also supplies RD-181 engines to the United States. The engine was developed and manufactured by the Power Machinery Research and Production Consortium under a contract signed with the US Orbital Science Corporation in December 2014. The engine will be installed on the US Antares launch vehicle.

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