The public opinion polls: 57.7% people do not support Cai Yingwen's reappointment

The public opinion polls: 57.7% people do not support Cai Yingwen's reappointment

Original title: Taiwan polls: 57.7% people do not support Cai Yingwen's re-election support rate Ma Ying-Jeou.

[observer network comprehensive report] according to Taiwan "Dong Sen news" reported in July 31st, the Taiwan regional leader Cai Yingwen, the executive director of the Taiwan authorities, Lai Qingde's satisfaction again down! According to the latest polls of the lentu think tank, up to 54.8% of the respondents were dissatisfied with Cai Yingwen's administration and the satisfaction was 31.1%, while the public's performance of Ryan's administration was 44.8% and the satisfaction was 40.6%. Compared with the April survey, the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of Ryan were dead.

It is noteworthy that 57.7% of the people did not support Tsai Ying-wen's re-election as Taiwan's leader, while only 33.0% expressed their support. As for Cai Yingwen and Lai Qing de two, who would support the DPP in 2020? Lai Qingde was 48.6% better than Cai Yingwen's 23.4%, and the proportion of support to Cai Yingwen fell 1 percentage points compared with the January survey, and the proportion of Lai Qingde's support was up 6.3 percentage points.

According to Ma Ying-Jeou, the former leader of Taiwan area, 44% of the people believed that the horse was innocent in the third case, 40.6% of the people did not believe it, and 65.1% of the people did not support Ma Ying-Jeou's election to the leaders of the 2020 Taiwan region.

However, if Cai Yingwen had 2020 pairs of Kuomintang chairman Wu Dunyi, Cai Yingwen (46.2%) was still better than Cai Yingwen (30.8%), but Zhu Lilun (47.8%) had won Cai Yingwen (36.3%) for the mayor Zhu Lilun (47.8%), and 39.5% (39.5%) was won for Uema Youngku. If the DPP sent Lai Qingde, Lai won the whole victory, and the polls were Lai Qingde (58%), Wu Dunyi (22.7%), Lai Qingde (46.5%), Zhu Lilun (41.6%), Lai Qingde (50.8%), Ma Ying-Jeou (35.3%).

At the same time, although 51.6% of the people did not support the mayor Ke Wenzhe of Taipei to participate in the 2020 Taiwan leaders' election, if Kwen was competing with Cai Yingwen and Wu Dunyi, the support of Ke (40%) had won CAI (27.1%) and Wu (18.3%); even with Cai Yingwen and Zhu Lilun, Ke Wenzhe (32.4%) was still better than Zhu. Li (31.3%) and Cai Yingwen (25.3%); and if he campaigned with Cai Yingwen and Ma Ying-Jeou, Ke Wenzhe (33.8%) was also a winner, winning Ma Ying-Jeou (27.8%) and Cai Yingwen (25.9%).

"Taiwan Competitiveness Forum" on 30, also held the Cai Yingwen administration all Taiwan polls conference, polls show that Cai Yingwen's political performance is up to 64.1%, the satisfaction of 25.2%, compared with February this year's polls, dissatisfaction increased by 3.8%.

The dissatisfaction of Lai Qingde's administration was 48%, and his satisfaction was 33.8%. In terms of political party support, the KMT was 23.1%, the DPP 14.6%, the times force 6%, and the PPP 2.9%. However, the poll attracted attention because 51.7% of the people said they were neutral or unresponsive, indicating that the Taiwanese people did not have a significant improvement in their preference for political parties.

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