A Ji'nan swimming pool roof collapsed and hurt many children crying at the scene.

A Ji'nan swimming pool roof collapsed and hurt many children crying at the scene.

Original title: Ji'nan one swimming pool roof collapsed and injured several children, someone had 7 stitches on the head.

Qilu Evening News micro-blog news, July 31st at two o'clock in the afternoon, in Ji'nan Sunshine New Road Sunshine 100 District of the sun 100 District of Tai Steel gymnasium roof collapsed suddenly, many children in the swimming pool swimming, a number of children were dropped by the building materials. According to the parents, the natatorium had just been decorated a few days ago. At present, the injured child has been taken to hospital for treatment, and the cause of the accident is under investigation by the police.

At 3 p.m., the reporter came to the entrance of the swimming pool. It can be seen through the swimming pool glass that there is a lot of building garbage in the swimming pool and on the shore, and the top seven or eight meters above the roof, with a partial roof defect, and a suspected wood material. From time to time, parents brought their children to swim, and they were told by staff that the business was suspended. A police car stopped at the entrance of the natatorium.

According to a parent, her child was recently in the name of the Kang Hong natatorium in Tai Steel, with a total of 12 classes of 1288 yuan. This afternoon, the child went to the swimming pool, but just a few minutes later, she knew that the swimming pool was "the accident". "The roof collapsed and several children were injured, one of whom was seriously injured."

Parents provided video showing that at least a dozen children were in the swimming pool, and the children were in the pool, and a huge building material fell into the water, and the pool was black. After the accident, some adults jumped into the swimming pool and brought up the children in the water. They could hear a cry.

Subsequently, reporters tried to enter the swimming pool to understand the situation. A staff member at the door said the leader was busy with other things, and he did not know how it happened or how many children were injured. However, according to the staff revealed that after the incident was the staff of the swimming pool to send their children to the hospital, the police are now investigating, the swimming pool has been suspended, the follow-up situation will be issued through the relevant channels.

At 4 p.m., the reporter came to the emergency department of the fifth hospital of Ji'nan and saw several injured children. It is understood that a total of five children were injured, in addition to a child's head smashed wounds were stitched 7 needles, other children were bruised. "My child was swimming in the swimming pool. When he was ready to breathe, a piece of wood fell to his head." A 10 year old child's parents told reporters.

According to Ms. Li, a parent, only one coach in the swimming pool is in the hospital. No one in the swimming pool explains the matter with them, and the 2000 yuan medical fee is also paid by them. "We only want to say that a child is injured, and no one has managed it yet." Ms. Li said.

At present, the police have been involved in this matter, the cause of the accident and other details are still under investigation.

Source: Qilu Evening News

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