The number of mobile phones is the beginning of these figures. Please note that the Ministry is going to launch.

The number of mobile phones is the beginning of these figures. Please note that the Ministry is going to launch.

Original title: people at the beginning of mobile phone numbers 13, 15 and 18 have noticed! There will be new changes since August, and the national enforcement will be forced.

Source: the Straits metropolitan newspaper

"Hello, I am an intermediary

Do you have a demand for buying a house in the near future?

We are a certain insurance company. "


Such a harassment phone

I believe a lot of people have received it

And the annoying thing

Spam messages,

A variety of unidentified deductions, etc.


A series of problems mentioned above

National Ministry of industry and information

Come on!

From August

Users of mobile phone number 13, 15, and 18

All will receive the basic telecom enterprises

The Ministry of industry and information technology has attached great importance to the unidentified charges of mobile phones, spam messages and telephone harassment by the media, and has organized the relevant communications administration bureau and the basic telecom enterprises to carry out three aspects of work:

The first is to urge the telecom enterprises to immediately correct the wrong fees, and the basic telecom enterprises from the next month to the user to send the communication bill information by month to the user actively, so that the users are clearly consumed.

The two is to immediately verify the specific problems and typical cases reported, and have closed down 31 short message ports for sending spam messages.

Disposal of suspected marketing nuisance phone numbers and related numbers 82, interviews with related enterprises, ordered to conduct a comprehensive self-examination and rectification.

After the situation is identified, the illegal enterprises will be handled according to law, and the personnel concerned will be accountable.

The three is to analyze the root of the problem, to plug the management loopholes, to improve the service level in an all-round way, and to create a good information and communication environment for the masses of the people.

Prior to the problem of harassment calls, the Ministry of industry and information (Ministry of industry and information) has worked out special programs with more than ten relevant departments. In the near future, the Ministry of industry and Commerce has organized a special action for comprehensive harassment of harassment calls.

One is to strengthen the management of communication business and resources, strictly control the harassment of telephone transmission channels, and prevent communication resources from being used for marketing harassment.

Second, multi-sector joint action to strengthen the source of governance, standardize the business of all trades and businesses to promote sales, rectify marketing disturbances.

Three, we should enhance the ability of technical prevention and strengthen the early warning, monitoring, identification and interception of harassing telephones.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will actively cooperate with the relevant departments to deal with the related violations of the gray chain of interests involved in media reports.

It's time to rectify it!

A move by the national Ministry of industry and information

Get the strong support of the people

There are also some netizens to say

At last you can't buy a muddled account.

About the mobile phone

There's one more thing to remind you about the little editor

A lot of people think

No use of the phone number directly write off

It's not that simple.

Be careful that your property is threatened.

Get to know it.

When you get a call with a swindle

These defrauding skills

You need to know

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