The 4 ministers began to form a new Department of the State Council by rendezvous at the hostel.

The 4 ministers began to form a new Department of the State Council by rendezvous at the hostel.

Original title: 4 ministers joined together at a small guest house and began to form a new Department of the State Council.

Source: Chang'an Avenue magistrate

"August 1" is coming. This morning, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs held the first press conference since the establishment of the minister Sun Shaocheng, vice minister Qian Feng and Fang Yongxiang.

Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) noted that the conference had revealed a lot of heavy information. The three leaders not only introduced the work progress and relevant policy measures of the Department of Veterans Affairs, but also narrated the story behind the establishment of the Department and responded positively to the social concerns.

Before listing

Qian Feng has described the working condition of the Veterans Affairs Department from scratch.

At today's news conference, Sun Shaocheng revealed more story behind the scenes. After the closing of the Congress of the National People's Congress in March this year, Sun Shaocheng, with 1 members of the secretarial and seconded machines and 2 administrators, joined with the other 3 leaders in a small hostel, began to work in the new department.

In April 16th, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs was formally established. If the reception conditions are not fully met, the second day will begin to receive visits. In the past more than 100 days, the Department of Veterans Affairs visited nearly twenty thousand people. In the earlier period, everyone was handmade and worked overtime to register each person's identity and appeal. The day was summarized on the same day, and the related issues were transferred to the relevant local governments to resolve.

At the same time, the leaders of the Veterans Affairs Department went to various places to investigate and study, and began to draw up the law on the protection of veterans and the opinions on strengthening the work of the veterans in the new era.

From the end of April to the end of May, the deputy and principal Ministers of the Department of Veterans Affairs went to Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing Haidian, Nanjing, Jiangsu and Taizhou to investigate. The most recent one was from July 19 to 20. Fang Yongxiang went to Zhangjiakou to conduct a survey on various subjects, including employment, entrepreneurship and pension benefits.

At the end of June, the experience exchange of Veterans' work experience was held in Hebei, and vice premier Sun Chunlan of the State Council made clear the request that the special legal legislation of retired military personnel should be started as soon as possible. 20 days later, the "veterans Security Law (Draft)" was published, and a preliminary draft was held for an opinion symposium, inviting military leaders, fighting heroes, experts and professors, outstanding servicemen, outstanding representatives of veterans and other "think tanks".

In such a short period of time to take out the first draft, Qian Feng has expressed that it has taken "extraordinary measures" to improve efficiency under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of legislation. "At the beginning of the establishment of the Ministry of affairs, the drafting of the law on the support of the veterans was the most basic work, and it was included in the important agenda of the Party group. During this period, the personnel focused on working overtime."

Respond to concerns

"The resettlement of retired soldiers has always been an old and difficult problem. What are the new measures and policies on this issue after the establishment of the Veterans Affairs Department?"

In the face of a reporter's question, Fang Yongxiang said that the "suggestions on Further Strengthening the employment and resettlement of retired soldiers by the government", which began to be implemented tomorrow, is mainly to improve the quality of the resettlement and to protect the rights and interests and benefits according to law.

There are four bright spots in the opinion. The first is to strengthen the implementation of the rigid index, clear the retired soldiers from the government's resettlement conditions, the proportion of the resettlement to the organs, institutions and state-owned enterprises is not less than 80%; two is to improve the overall arrangement of the level, can be coordinated by the provincial level to implement the resettlement; three is to safeguard the relevant treatment according to law; four is to strengthen policy supervision efforts, indeed the policy implementation Good, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of retired soldiers in resettlement, employment and entrepreneurship.

For the protection of the rights and interests of retired servicemen previously reported on the Internet, Fang Yongxiang stressed that "on the one hand, we firmly take the feelings and responsibility to do a good job of the letter and visit, to strengthen the top design of the policy and the solution of the practical problems, so as to safeguard the rights and interests of the retired servicemen." At the same time, we also hope that we can reflect the problems in a rational and peaceful way, ensure a better solution to the problem, prevent the emergence of excesses, and resolutely stop and guard against the use of the ulterior people and resolutely oppose any act of violation of the law and discipline.

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) noted that the Department of Veterans Affairs had previously held a special mission meeting to make clear and specific requirements for the implementation of various places, and to send a working group to a place where the problems were relatively concentrated and to be pushed into the problem. If policies are not implemented or implemented, they should be urged to rectify and implement them.

With the improvement of the internal working mechanism and the opening of the official website on August 1, the channels for veterans to reflect problems will become more and more open.

With the advent of the August 1 Army Day, the relevant Hui army policy has again become the focus. Just three days ago, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice to raise the pension and living allowance of some veterans and other special people. In previous years, usually the bid was raised in October 1st, and this year's advance to August 1st highlights the care and support for ex servicemen.

Next, the mission of the Veterans Affairs Department is still arduous, for example, this year, we should ensure the completion of more than 80 thousand military officers and nearly 40 thousand retired soldiers, and before May 1, tens of millions of retired military families and family members will be suspended with honor cards.

Since its birth, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs has been called the "mother's home" by the 57 million ex servicemen. The real care is not only the hearts of retired soldiers, but also the respect of the heroic community.

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